Epic Hero Token gives only Rare Heroes?

When you get epic hero voucher … It should be this EPIC !!! There should not be a Rare hero!

It’s quite difficult to receive that kind of prize, as if to suffer the disappointment of receiving a Rare hero, when what you had was an EPIC hero ticket!

It is a very attractive and addictive game, which raises a great effort to overcome levels and make your team is powerful, but, I hope you can as a team solve this issue of rewards … Since it is frustrating to receive something less, for a Jackpot.

I pay attention to the comments…


What does this have to do with the original post?


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“Epic” in the name reflects which summon gate you can summon from, not the rarity of the hero you’re gonna get.

And it doesnt only give rare heroes, I’ve gotten epics from free tokens before

and legendary. in fact many of my legendary heroes have come from tokens (usually used at seasonal events, but not always).

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