Epic Hero token disappeared overnight

Last night when I went to bed my epic hero token was there. This morning it was gone. I verified in recent activity that I didn’t accidentally use it.

I attempted to resolve through in-game support but haven’t received a response to that chat in over an hour.

I want my token back please.

We can’t do anything here. This is a mostly player driven forum. Nobody can look into your account.

You’ll have to wait for the answer from your support ticket. Don’t expect it too soon. There are many players with questions and it’s weekend.


Ah. Had a similar issue with SG recently. Pulled Glenda but the game glitched and when restarted no show of Glenda and had a long argument with SG where they told me that I should check here in the forum for proof of the same issue which I did and they effectively kept calling me a liar… made me laugh at the end and stopped spending from that point

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Thanks, Olmor. I’ll put on my patience hat.

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