Epic hero from a silver token?

So my daughter was playing E&P this morning, and all of a sudden, she came to me excited because she pulled Scarlett. I was really confused, because I knew she didn’t have any EHTs, and I also knew she was saving her gems for Valhalla. She said she just did a regular summon. I didn’t believe her, but when we cleared the Scarlett card, it was the regular summon portal. I also checked her recent activity, seen below:

I also checked the odds for a regular summon, and they still don’t show a chance for an epic hero. Happy for my daughter, who is ecstatic, but not sure how this happened.


Summon placeholder troops, epics from feeder gate…
What next?
Tyr from elemental? :wink: :see_no_evil:

However nice pull :sunglasses:


What is going on?! Maybe they should rethink this rollout…

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Shhh, dont tell them XD


wow…if this is a real thing or an oversight…I have 200 silver tokens I can burn TODAY.


Congrats to your daughter! It indeed looks like a bug. A loophole in the system.

I imagine that by making this post and drawing the attention of SG, you have successfully ruined the chance for the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely just take them and run :roll_eyes::smiley:

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That reminds me of the time I pulled a damascus blade from the “iron” quest a while ago.

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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? :dizzy_face:

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80 silver tokens used, other than some common villagers, I didn’t find anything else of note :frowning:

Did get 3 Azars, Oberon, Jahangir, Bane… wish I had this kind of luck in gem summons.


I used 50 silver tokens, no 4’s :frowning:

it was worth a shot.

…maybe now I’m getting that feeling that I’ve been trolled…

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Yep. Jan 2019.
Couldn’t believe it.

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that’s awesome


I don’t know for sure. It could been a weird glitch repaired by SG since or maybe there’s a minuscule shot still? I haven’t seen or heard of anything before or since. Would be great if it was still possible. I wouldn’t ever miss a quest if that were the case.


Well, I see I screwed up two people’s token hoard for the next PoV. Sorry about that, but this really did happen! Can’t explain it.


Did she really get Scarlett? I mean, is this Scarlett in her hero roster? Cause this might just be a visual bug?

Yes please. 20 pleases

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Have heard claims of this happening once to someone in my alliance going back to September. I don’t remember who it was (or what hero they got), and didn’t attempt to confirm.

It might be there, but with something like a 0.01% (or lower) chance, making it incredibly rare even across the entire player base.


I made my choice. It’s OK. No worries.

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Yes, she went to her roster, found her, and locked her. (Dad taught her well!) Don’t know if she has used her in battle yet. She’s really fond of using Hawkmoon for a red hero at the moment.


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