Epic Hero Acquisition


Your game is good, but acquiring any hero above a 3 star rare is hard. You make it possible to upgrade training grounds, but ice used them multiple times over the past 3 months and I don’t get anything but rare. I have one 4 star hero. That’s all I’ve been able to acquire since starting the game. I’ve saved gems and used the elemental summon because of better chance to get an epic; again, I got a 3 star rare. Are you holding out for the paying customer? Is your game pay to win? You need to do something to increase the chances, or put a token in that is nothing but epics. Or, you need to allow us to upgrade our heroes to higher tiers. It’s getting old, coming on and finding my trophies raises because someone can have better heroes, but a lower team strength and still win. I Know alot of people have gotten tired of the same thing and left the game. It’s becoming boring getting the same weak heroes with the daily summon and just saving them to upgrade the few stronger types you throw to us.


Keep plugging away, 5s are very hard to get for free, but I’ve gotten quite a few 4 from tc 13. Not the ones I want and some repeats, but enough for almost a rainbow team.


The game is pay to win since player power is sold directly through the store via heroes. The devs will likely not make it easier to get better heroes for free to play players since that would directly cut into what makes them their money. It’s a manufactured pain point that suppose to encourage you to pay for gems to try for better heroes.


Patience overcomes pain. The model works on people who demand Insta-success NAO. It is possible to spend modestly and get the rest through TC13; try running two of them back to back for over a month.


I don’t want to ruin your day but I got so many 4* from training camps that I don’t even know who to level first. But I suggest you have all 3 training camps running and its impossible to not get some 4*.

And the most important thing is you need to have patience.