Epic events harder than legendary

Has anyone else found that the last stage or two of events is harder to complete on epic than legendary? I have a reasonably deep roster of 4 and 5 star heroes, and for the most part I have been completing legendary events without having to repeat attempts, but frequently get stuck on epic. I think this is mostly because legendary allows for the use of time stops, dragon attacks etc. Curiously if everyone has had the same experience?


Check in here:

Also Scarecrow did some pretty good videos using only S1 classic 4* heroes to complete both Epic & Legendary :slight_smile:

Personally, I have found that yes the challenge events have become MORE difficult than PREVIOUSLY (when it was just the 10 stages). HOWEVER, I still haven’t really had over-much difficulty finishing them all


Guess it depends on what heroes people have. Epic was easiest for me. Then rare was a little harder. And legendary, I had to use all my battle items to complete the boss stage, so it was the hardest for me.

Yes, If you read through the thread on Wonderland you will see this is the general consensus. It is just for the reaons you listed. The stages have been beaten with 4* but the items make it easier.

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I just finished both this evening. I didn’t think one was noticeably more difficult than the other. Rigard and a Proteus or two, small and medium mana pots and medium healing pots were all I needed to finish both.

I had issues until I brought 2x Proteus and just never let them fire.

If Hatter happens to steal Wu Kong’s buff, the AI will do about 1400 in damage and it’s miss ratio is about .05. It almost did not miss at all.

I find Epic far easier than Legendary, because I only have a couple fully leveled 5* heroes, so most of the Legendary team is the same: Proteus, Boldtusk, Scarlett for sure, and Delilah subs in for a 4*. the last spot is dependent on what colors I am facing, so it’s likely a 4*

The other thing I do is that I don’t bring Wu Kong at all when going for completion. He’s great at helping you score bigger hits, but that variance increase doesn’t help completion.

I actually had the most trouble with rare this time

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I feel like the midway point of epic got a lot harder than the midway point of legendary and just continued to get harder and harder. Epic is for sure the hardest for this event simply because the 5* heroes for wonderland are, collectively, the best the challenge events have to offer. The second to last level with the QoH, Jabberwock and CoD is way harder for me than the final boss stage with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Alice.

Same, Rare is toughest for me because I can’t use Proteus there :slight_smile:


I was about to say the same, it is not a question of items but of Proteus. We need a 3* version of him for the events :smile:


I finished Epic before the others.
Can’t seems to finish Rare. Stucked on 13.
And Legendary on 11.
Don’t have maxed 5* yet but have at least 2 of each color for 4*
Proteus helped a lot.

I had more problems with legendary 15, but normally epic is harder because you can’t use the higher items.

Rare was okay for me, too and now with my newly maxed Moonhawk even the last stages are easier and with higher points, no dead heroes anymore :smiley: but I have Bauchan and use him there…

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