Epic & Event characters


Venting: I don’t get it. I keep purchasing hero’s from the Epic and Event tab and not once have I received a 5 or 6 star hero once. I play a couple times a day every day. what is it, I don’t spend enough money on the game to earn one or two?


There are no 6* heros so that solves that.
In regards to 5* heros, we don’t know the exact summon rate, but know it is less than 5% (training camp 20 summon rate) so that is why you’re having difficulties getting one.


In the past few weeks I’ve had 66 epic draws and pulled two 5*-and no HOTM, which bums me out. That’s a 3% rate, which is about what I expect. (While I’m not thrilled at having to use 66 pulls, I am delighted with the resulting heroes, Vivica and Magni.)


Grats on your heroes! :wink:


I’m really disappointed too this time.
I was thinking that because we have only 3 days to have them and this heroes do so much difference, that the chance to have them was better then usual.

Nope, same or even worse then before.
Ok, i get my lesson, don’t happen anymore.


I had 2 10x event summons today and got Marjana, Falcon, 3 more 4* and the rest 3*.
When completing advanced I got a free token and pulled another Marjana.
I have played for 6 month and I’ve got 5 HoTM, but I never pulled a common 5* single hitter before today, and then I get a duplicate at the same day :joy:
I also had a lot of pulls not getting the heroes I want and a got a lot of duplicates, but on the other hand I sometimes won the lottery and got a nice 4* or 5* on a free token or a single pull.
It’s all very random a I have been extremely lucky in this game, but looking at my alli, I see everyone getting lucky sometimes if they stick to the game also without spending or not spending a lot.
Spending can speed up the progress on getting heroes, but we all have to struggle for items to get better and use strategy to make the best of what we have got.
That’s what I like about this game :blush: