Epic Deal!

What is this epic deal I hear people are talking about? You get 12500 gems for a good price. How come it pops up for some people and not for everyone?

This happened once before there was a deal for 2.99 that was offered to some but not all this sounds like another one of those deals as I have not seen it and none of our alliance members have seen it yet either.
If you read through some of the old forum posts you will understand.

I have read the old post read the old post regarding a deal to people who didnt spend much money in the first place.

I am very dissapointed in reading this. I have been an stupidly big spender at the game and they really turn their back
their big supporters like that? Every decent person has to understand that this is not the right way to do it.

I dont know if this is the new deal or the old one. But 2-3 people already in my alliance got that deal poped up for them.

Last one was 6000 for 2.99$. They seriously did it again? For even more?

I can ask the people in the alliance to be sure the exact price. But it was for 12500 gems for sure.

If true, that is absolutely ridiculous.

I’ve been asking around, your Alliance might be trolling you. No one else had that experience or have pics or it.

I was wondering if I was trolled the first time a member said it. But a second time by another makes me wonder.

He says its says "Epic Deal, 30% more for 99$. 12500 gems.

I will ask for screenshot. But if it was a popup 1 time deal it might be hard.

That deal,was a while ago some in my alliance saw it also and took a screen shot when it popped up on my screen it was much higher in price I think around $150 as I live in Canada and the $99 was in US dollars,

I received that epic deal several days ago it was for 99.99 and I received 12500 gems plus 10 x summon tokens assortment of loot/battle item and 5 energy flask

So they did bring it back again that is the second time over the last 2 months, and again not every one has been offered the same deal. HMMMMM

Yes they said they took it away.

Yes, the epic deal popped up in my game 2 days ago. This is not quite the same deal that everyone went ballistic about before ($2.99 deal). This one is now $99 for 12500 gems plus ascension items and some standard hero pulls. I never received the original 2.99 deal myself before it was pulled so it is hard to judge if this is simply the original deal at a new price point. It is disappointing to read that the deals still aren’t being standardized across the player base though.

Personally I passed on the deal. My heros are still stuck, the gem deals (for a chance at ascension materials) are a farce, and there is no point in summoning more heros to raise.

However to the developer’s credit, they have adjusted the drop rates for farmable ascension gear but i was disappointed to find that this appears to be in proportion to the item drops for wanted missions and titans. Now all I seem to pull from completing chests are farmable materials and minor potions.

Yep I’ve pretty much gotten jack squat as far as ascension materials from wanted chests and titan battles. They really need to address that.

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Raiding has gotten worse also. They really need to get rid of the raid chest and change it to a colored wanted mission instead. At this time I absolutely hate raiding but I “have” to do it for a chance at a wanted mission ascension material… which inevitably ends up being a stupid clean cloth or herbs…

It is actually driving me to log in only a couple of times a day rather than playing all the time like I was prior.

Allowing alliance member trading would also alleviate the need to raid to an extent.

I am seeing some progress, but in doing so other aspects are getting worse… don’t even get me started on how bad they have hurt titan raids :frowning:

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Kia i feel the same way as you about rads, big waste of time. Just fill the chest which tacks up to 12 tries at times only to get what I could have farmed at world level 13 1-9

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