Epic battle against Alfrike :)

Watch until the end.
Double hit by Alfrike. Several resurections and the epic ending with 2 seconds left to spare.

Yesterday i had the privelege of going up against this well structured hard to kill defense team…


Well that’s 10 minutes of my life i won’t get back… not sure what you think is so weird.


Hmm… what’s strange?

Resurrectors resurrect, healers heal, the golden pig deals damage. That’s how the game work.

Fight tends to be long when there are so many healers, resurrectors, minion creators and so few damage dealers involved in the fight.

Wow…you have to be joking with those comments.
Coming back from those odds… Half of team killed at beginning
Taking two hits from Alfrike.
Then Mother North brings back the entire team with 30 seconds left , and after that to then kill them all again with 2 seconds left on the clock… it was a roller coaster raid.
The outcome was extremely strange., I still don’t know how that ended up with a win. :smile:

Should have gone with reds my friend. You have no fire power in that team to bring MN down with specials, would need to be very, very lucky board to win this fight with this team… even without Heimdall tank and all that extra hp. What happened just had to happen, nothing weird about it. MN stands last and she brings everyone back because you can’t kill her. Neither Bai nor Malosi can prevent her from doing that.

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Thanks for the advice… but i got to 3060 cups and rank 4 using that attack team.
I was testing it against a variant of opponents.

I think it was a strange outcome.

Don’t tell me you was watching that and thought there was anyway way it would turn into a win. ?

Any way, hopefully there are a few people who will appreciate it for what it is…i.e. a win against all odds.

Maybe “surprising” is the word to use, I definitely did not expect that ending. I found it entertaining to watch, a bit suspenseful and then the surprise ending.

The opponent team is formidable to say the least, and I think I would’ve gone in with a different lineup too but that’s easy to say, no lineup can guarantee victory here (not to mention I don’t have most of the heroes you brought). And I have to say also the board wasn’t particularly cooperative for you either. But, in the end…

Thanks for sharing.

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I am glad you found it entertaining…That is why i posted it, i thought someone might appreciate the surprise ending.
And yes surprising is probably the better word. :smile:

I enjoyed watching this, quite the rollercoaster ride. I love using gullinbursti as well, he’s amazing in a stack with sif, imagine putting sif between your double pig setup. Probably not as good against this particular line up, but against those more aggressive setups, just sit back and watch them commit suicide

Dang you guys are rough lol, it was a cool match.

In that over 7 minute video clip, you sure did took your time. Really. I am happy you thought things very thoroughly that you should have lost that match more than 90% of the time. Your resilience and never-say-die-never-surrender attitude bugged the A.I. so much that it allowed you to win in the dying seconds of the battle that an almost unscathed MN died in 2 yellow tiles while a greatly maimed Drake Fong appears to have committed suicide to hand you 18 trophies as spoils of the skirmish against a level 52 player. I am just curious whether that was a revenge attack and whether that was the first attempt trying to break that defense using 4-1 attack setup.

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