Ephemeral/Time-Limited Heroes

(sorry in advance, english is not my first language, I will try my best)

For 2020, SGG is planning to add some " Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members ", maybe could they also consider this :

Each week, alliance could have the possibility to fight a hero like they fight a titan. (Sort of end season2 fight against Ursena).

  1. This hero would be random every week, it could be hotm or season 2 heros (only) 5*, no season 1 (because they are “easy” to obtain via tc 20)

2.This hero would be as hard to kill as a titan XII (or less or more whatever) meaning he could not take down easilly by only one person, it have to be an alliance work.

3.This hero would be aviable to kill during 7 days

4.When this hero is finally dead, in 12h for the most advanced alliances or in 3 days for the more skinny ones, EVERY alliance member get this hero FULLY MAXED until the next Ephemeral hero appears.

5.You can not put emblems on it (well, maybe you could but I think some people will forgot to take back theyr emblems before this hero disappear, could be verry frustrating loosing 1500 emblems :sweat_smile: )

6.I think it’S a win win situation for everybody, SGG, F2P, C2P and P2W. SGG making promotion for theyr heros just for a few days, F2P finally could play with every heros even if tis temporary, C2P could consider getting it when avaiable with summoning, and P2W could take selfies :thinking:

7.Ephemeral heros are not the same for all alliance (could be boring 2 wars with all alliance the same tank )

that’s it !

I will be glad if this happen even if it is not fully maxed but still at level 1/1. However I really doubt SG will make such good thing to happen…

They are not supposed to loose anything ^^

The idea behind fully maxed is that you only have this hero for 7 days (depends on how quick you kill it), so spending food and AM on it is pure waste :slight_smile:

Misread that :man_facepalming:

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