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Dear all,

I would like to ask you if any of you have knowledge of the below E&P tool:

I have found almost no mentions on it on this forum, I see no written feedback on it on google play. And I do not like that the app requires access to the phone photos due to a simple profile pic upload (which could have been sorted out differently and I find the permission unnecessary).

Maybe I am too paranoid, but I like to be a bit more on the safe side. The tool looks interesting, I am just looking at more info on the developer if it is trustworthy. Thank you

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Its made by some players, I’m using it and its pretty usefull


First I have seen of this tool kit.
What does it do?

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It has callendar for current month with all trials/events etc.

There are all heores (axcept for new ones like Noor/Zocc but they will be added)

You can compare heroes there

You can build talent paths and see hero stats with it

And you can add alarms for war/titan etc.


It’s an easy way to compare heroes and look up their stats. The emblem calculator is super helpful. It’s free and I’ve found it very useful.

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I’ve used this EP Toolbox for a while now. Main reason to have a fast and easy way to check emblem paths/stats on beforehand.

I’ve got only positive feedback for this tool. My phone is still functioning since I downloaded it…


Thank you! My bad, I forgot there is a description in there as well. Sounds more trustworthy now, will give it a try.

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Is this an offline app?

It super great apps. Offline. And must install apps. Really helpful for EP users

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Like @mogulemon said its offline app

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Great free app that lets you compare heroes, lookup any hero and the rating, monthly calendar, quest charts, talent path simulator, alarms for war and titans, and much more. I highly recommend it. Its a great resource.

You can find it in the app store for either platform.

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