EP Toolbox

Dear all,

I would like to ask you if any of you have knowledge of the below E&P tool:

I have found almost no mentions on it on this forum, I see no written feedback on it on google play. And I do not like that the app requires access to the phone photos due to a simple profile pic upload (which could have been sorted out differently and I find the permission unnecessary).

Maybe I am too paranoid, but I like to be a bit more on the safe side. The tool looks interesting, I am just looking at more info on the developer if it is trustworthy. Thank you


Its made by some players, I’m using it and its pretty usefull


First I have seen of this tool kit.
What does it do?

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It has callendar for current month with all trials/events etc.

There are all heores (axcept for new ones like Noor/Zocc but they will be added)

You can compare heroes there

You can build talent paths and see hero stats with it

And you can add alarms for war/titan etc.


It’s an easy way to compare heroes and look up their stats. The emblem calculator is super helpful. It’s free and I’ve found it very useful.

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I’ve used this EP Toolbox for a while now. Main reason to have a fast and easy way to check emblem paths/stats on beforehand.

I’ve got only positive feedback for this tool. My phone is still functioning since I downloaded it…


Thank you! My bad, I forgot there is a description in there as well. Sounds more trustworthy now, will give it a try.

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Is this an offline app?

It super great apps. Offline. And must install apps. Really helpful for EP users

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Like @mogulemon said its offline app

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Great free app that lets you compare heroes, lookup any hero and the rating, monthly calendar, quest charts, talent path simulator, alarms for war and titans, and much more. I highly recommend it. Its a great resource.

You can find it in the app store for either platform.

Have anyone heard of this? What does that exactly mean: “sharing heroes between users”
Will it have any effext in the game or just inside the app?
(I personally dont think so but some of my friends were talking about it and i thought ask about it) so if you have more information i would love to hear about it :slight_smile: thanks

Sharing - i do not use the app, but i assume they may mean sharing of profiles between users.

In game if you understood it as hero trading - never expect hero sharing or trading be introduced, e.g. between alliance members. I agree it should not be allowed.

It would completely break the game, the summon mechanisms, roster building, exclusivity of heroes, hero training buildings etc. And of course ruin their income. Also it would introduce extensive player migrations between alliances to trade heroes, everyone could have any hero, plus it would create a black market (selling heroes for rl money directly between players.Do you want my GM? Ok, send me 50euros to my account, i will join your alliance and sell it to you).

So no, never expect hero trading between players in the game.

Dunno about it but i guess it’s about sharing the screenshot between the heroes in ur roster vs ur friends so it will be easily coordinated, like for war purpose maybe.

That’s what i guess

Thanks guys. Thats make sense :slight_smile:

I just downloaded this app. When I build my teams I don’t have the “eyeball”, just the edit and delete options.

I’m using an android tablet, if that makes a difference.

Wish I could help, I have an apple phone. Perhaps someone else may know. Delete and reinstall?

Tried that, didn’t work. I’m contacting the devs, hopefully they’ll know.

would be awesome to have a desktop version too.
good work!

Android emulator?
Should work fine in bluestacks