Ep please help. Teams too strong

LOL If it helps I get destroyed using it in raids :laughing:


I don’t think your wrong on some of your points bud. Too me it is obvious they have put in some “controls” in AW. Meaning, I don’t think they ever “fixed” the match up mechanism so now it’s like if a war team gets too far behind or ahead it effects players hits too easily win or horribly lose to keep the war scores within a range. I’m positive they “vary” it in some way. It is very frustrating and feels like it’s all in “the control” of SG not the player choices or tunes. Every War you can read it in the chat how “someone had no chance-horrible war” and thinking of quitting. Then the next war they are 5/6 and it’s someone else’s turn to score minimum points no matter what they do… but hey we won or loss buy just 200 points “so it was a good match up”… SG quit trying to “fix stuff” all your doing is making wars not fun

Maybe it’s down to war matching, war mechanics, player team selection, player board play, and luck. Nothing nefarious really required.

Simply start to enjoy losing as much as winning and you’re done. :rofl:


As my dad always said, “losing builds character”. Usually as he beat me in a game I had just taught him how to play.


The real problem here is that the defense teams are getting heavy emblems and not all of your raid attacking teams will have emblems, so they are at a disadvantage.

I personally don’t have a problem with this. Why do I need to win every attack in every war, isn’t that boring as well?

If SG did want to fix this, they could:

  1. Remove the defense buff in wars, like field aid, arrows, boost
  2. Remove any innate boost
  3. Make it undesirable to use the same defensive team each war.

Personally I’d like wars to have more flavor and character, and see more variety in tanks used. My idea is below.


I have been dealing with the heavily emblems defense teams in war and raids and definitely feel your frustration, however I decided that the most important thing to do was figure out how many emblems my attackers needed to not be one shot by +18 emblem + 30 troops. Once you figure out what level your attackers need to be to survive these type of attacks you can figure out how to emblem your heroes on offense to counter. I’m in a top 2k alliance but we are far from the top 100 and that’s fine. We have c2p and ftp and to be in the top 2k says we know what we are doing and we will continue to grow together. WITH THE EMBLEMS BEING WHERE THEY ARE CERTAIN COLOR TANKS are an issue as I built strong to counter the blue tank trend, but I’m unfortuantley low against purple or yellow. That sucks and that’s fine certain wars I’m well prepared and others i need to prepare my teamates to shine as im not strong in those colors. My score, love it on the color tanks I’m prepared for but for the ones I’m not it’s my job to make sure my teamates shine by leaving high level cleanups for them. Wars may be harder but it’s for everyone and being able to stay at a constant scoring range means my skill is where I need to be.

It sucks that you are seeing good friends go that can be hard, but you yourself said you want to go to lower alliances means yiu still like the game you just dont like being stuck in the top echelon requirements and that’s good. Means that you see the value of people enjoying themselves and not feeling pressured to perform.

Higher up you get more people like to critique things. When i have a rough go at a war and we lose, I come into chat and apologize for my score being ■■■■, because my alliance mates deserve that. Rng or not we are expected to perform on the strength of our rosters and all that ima go mono nonsense is good that’s it’s being hit hard becaus this game wasn’t meant for that in the first place.

Being number 1 even once says you have learned all there is to know and did it with a group and no one will ever be able to take that from you


Completely off-topic here, but seeing your post, I figured maybe you’ll agree with this: 🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

On topic: Sorry, can’t empathize cuz I’m not at that level yet. But i can understand, it’s not easy making a game of chance into a strategy game.

@Fredster On the topic of rotating defense, I think it’s a good idea too, since right now there’s no use for more than a single tank hero; other tanks are effectively pointless/useless.

I have a couple of possible suggestions to ameliorate @Brobb’s point about how it’s bad for weaker players with thin benches:

  1. Only two rotations; 1 defense team for the first half, 1 for the second half of the AW just like how you get 3 extra hits half-way through;
  2. Weekly rotations; a defense team can only be used once every 4 weeks; so you need 4 defense teams, you can choose which week to use which team; but you can only use your best one once a month. This has another advantage of adding an additional dimension of planning and strategizing on when to use which team for alliances who like that kind of activity.
  3. Optional rotation; currently, default is 6 AW flags per player per war; but if you set two defense teams, you get 7 flags, 3 defense teams 8 flags, and so on. Of course, you only get the extra flag once your team actually dies and gets replaced by the next team.

Suggested that a year ago and it was sneered at and ignored. Still think it would make war so much more interesting.

This thread is a delight :grin::grin::grin:. Made me laugh out loud :grin::grin::grin:. Player with 50 fully leveled 5* heroes complaining wars are hard :grin::grin::grin: How about the rest of us, mare mortals that struggle against impossible odds every day? Of course, if I posted this thread, it would have been overflowing with the “stop whining, you’re not supposed to win anyway” usual B.S. :grin::grin::grin: Wonderful! Please, tell me some more about how wars are hard :joy::joy::joy:


I absolutely agree. I mean i could never imagine a p2w player is going to complain that he can’t fight other p2w players. After tons of spent money, heroes that 90% of E&P players will never have, tons of emblems (compared to rest mortals of us) and you see complaints - Wow.

What about rest of the people in the game (f2p and c2p)? How do you think we cope fighting p2w players? If you guys are complaining what should other mortals do? You can’t actually expect winning all the time in this game, can you? You expect spending tons of money getting advantage of 99% of other players but you don’t like it when others do it? Errm…what?

So instead of fighting people that are close to your power, you decide to move lower and trash 3800-4000 TP people only to feel strong…Nice. Good luck, have fun at this :slight_smile:


Stacking 3 Gravemakers and 2 Kages fully maxed?? No wonder you are getting beat. First of all, there aren’t enough players that stack heavy Nature in the Front 3 to warrant 3 Gravemakers. Most Tanks are Dark or Holy…maybe Ice. You might crack through Guin and Onatel tanks with two Kages every now and then, but how long would it last? You don’t include a healer or a buff dispeller.

Did it ever occur to you that possibly your defensive line-up maybe flawed and that your max ascended 5-stars are running into too many players that are able to exploit the weaknesses in the heroes you selected for your defense? Why not use this as an opportunity to find more suitable heroes for the job? Purchase 30-pulls, AM packages, etc, to accelerate the cause? I mean, you said so yourself. You’re part of a clan of heavy spenders? Usually the real cost to make a practically unbeatable team is too much for most players.

Most players don’t allow this game to become their entire life. A nice hobby? Yes. But not their lives. Are you not able to find anything about this game that is even remotely attractive or enjoyable? If not, then you may want to have an extended period of self-reflection to determine if this game is healthy for you. Yes, you read that right. I did say HEALTHY.

Seriously, though. I wonder if this topic should be merged with the “Ridiculous Complaints” thread?


This week’s C2P battles of a mixed level top 200 ally, we have to push every attack to squeeze every point we can, taking on hard defense to let players with less heroes rack some more points.

We won the fight but in the end we lost the war :man_shrugging:
Thing is, everyone complain for something because everyone want to do better, be it F2P, C2P or P2W.


Exactly, i am in top 200 alliance as well and we hardly see opponents under 4300 bases on the battlefield. We have a lot average spenders, we have some c2p and we have f2p (i am f2p + a couple more). We don’t have p2w players.

We see the struggles fighting those heavily emblemed teams but we accept it, although sometimes is hard to believe what opponents we face, being twice as strong as we are. It’s all good.

I have 3 teams around 3600 that are supposed to clean but (mostly) attack full bases around 4200. Adding the field bonuses you can imagine how hard it is. BUT most of the time i succeed in this. My war score is almost everytime in the range of 220-250. Have a few wars higher, have a couple of wars under 200. It’s all fine.

But what i can’t understand and accept is p2w player with 50+ 5* saying he struggles when his lowest teams are 4200 and then here WE are most of us (i can see you had a fight like that) attacking 4200+ bases with 3600 teams and often succeed.

I am sorry but i find that really amusing. If we can cope with that, attacking opponents 600+ higher TP than our teams, why can’t he? All his teams consist of ONLY 5*… I would understand if those complaints come from any other group but p2w. It’s just really strange.

Yes, i always want to win as well, feel the most pleasure of the game but (someone said it before me) if he thinks this is possible, he is playing the wrong game. Bite your tongue and move on. That’s what i do :slight_smile:


I hope not. Most complaints are ridiculous here but few are ridiculous complaints.

@Tpenn, sorry to hear about your disillusionment with E&P. If you really are leaving, maybe consider joining a teaching alliance such as I have?

Taking new players and helping them learn is very rewarding. It’s also fun, none of the daily pressures of killing that Titan or flipping the opponent 3 times minimally.

It made the game fun for me now. I could care about keeping my cups around 2600, or what our winning percentage is (surprisingly my little old teaching alliance has been slowly creeping up the global board). It’s a great feeling to watch a 2500 team take down a 3500-4k opponent but stacking and using the correct hero’s. They get so pumped up.

Anyway if you 2 are interested feel free to stop in. My alliance is Voidbringers and you can find us in recruitment on this forum. I could certainly use the help, we seem to grow day by day. Alas we also have players that join and decide it’s not for them. We remove anyone that’s not been on for 2 weeks. We also use LINE for communication and visual help.

Anyway Good Luck wherever you end up. I hope you find that spark again!!


I am one of the mere mortals, so I’m probably not able to relate to the struggles of top100 alliances in AWs, but there are a few questions I have regarding AWs in general.

What is the main purpose for participating in alliance wars?
Is the most important thing for me to win with all my 6 flags as an individual?
Or is it the overall win for my alliance?

Ofc winning individually is fun & feels good, but I think the main purpose is and was since the beginning to work and win as a team in wars.
That needs more strategy as your alliance rises in rank and we all know that. All strategies in war obviously do have the goal to maximise individual wins to get the most points and defenses get stronger and stronger.
If that isn’t possible at all because defenses are too strong, there are 2 choices:

  1. The strategic goal for your alliance - 6 flags = 6 wins - has to change. Maybe be even happy about taking down an opponent with 2 flags because the other side will have the same problems with your defense teams. You don’t have to win with every flag, you still contribute as much as you can!

  2. If your opponent dominates you nonthelesd and overall gets the 6 wins per player, accept that they are better (or in terms of top players that they are the bigger spenders). There will always be someone getting the better of you. I know that this is very difficult for someone who does the ambition to play among the best, but losing is also a big part of the game no matter your rank.

Thinking all I said is pretty obvious? - Yep… It is.


if every Top-Alliance is facing this issue of too strong war defenses - wouldn’t this also mean that it is fair again? Your waropponent will struggle with your defense as well. You may not get as many oneshots as before but at the end total warpoints count.


To be fair, back in 2002 when I first started playing this game on my Sega Dreamcast luck was clearly different.


Personally i like to make it a game… how many wars can i lose before opening the chest


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