Ep please help. Teams too strong

E&P. Im sure this post will be me with extreme criticism and people saying im a cry baby but we need help. My friend and myself will be stepping down from a top 10 rated alliance here as soon as they find replacements for us.

We both have more than 50 fully leveled 5star heros and at least 3 mana troops of every color over level 11.

It used to be so much fun to attack in war. E&P stated that the attacker had all the advantage so defenders got a 20% bonus on skills. You also changed up the randomness of how the computer attacks and often times you set the algorithm to ho after the most threatening heros first.

In addition the emblems have made the game a nightmare. I can take 3 fully leveled graves and 2 fully leveled kages to battle and still get murdered. I can go mono with all 5star heros and big troops and not have a prayer.

We know you were trying to make it fair to appease all the people whinning about their defenses getting destroyed but now its got out of hand.

Every top alliance ive played with has expressed how difficult it is to get a single war victory as the emblems and rng changes have made it a mere game of luck and only luck.

I will be leaving my top rated alliance soon. I hope to find a lower alliance where i can find teams under 4400 power to attack.

My long time team of eye of the storm folded for this exact reason. We were number one at many times. That team is now no longer.

That team comprised many heavy spenders. Most quit as they saw no point in spending. Why you ask? We saw the team powers rise but every time a good hero came out that gave us hope to beat these big teams beta screamed OP! Just like jean francois and telluria which you just destroyed the odds are now stacked against the attackers.

As you well know the match 3 became boring long ago. Then it became a game of strategy of picking the right heros. Now you cant even pick the right heros as they are dead before their special can launch.

The pick 3 part is boring. The excitement of winning is boring. And now the lure of getting a hero that will help you win is GONE. If you think im sticking around 5 years to get enough emblems to fully emblem 30 5*’s so i can start winning again to increase your games life cycle then your wrong.

I will drop to lesser and lesser teams because winning is fun. In war i usually score around 210 now and that means i killed 2 teams. Cleaned two big teams and then missed and cleaned my own mess. This isnt fun. The game has lost all its fun for me. I havent drawn atlantis this go round nor will i. I could care less about any season 3 heros as i see them being ZERO help in beating 4700+ power teams.

Theres no relief in sight and i feel you guys are loosing the upper guys and it will probably keep trickling down.

Please change something so that we can start winning on attack again. Winning is fun. Struggling for tiles day after day after day and loosing regularly is not fun.

Please help in some way


This is the wrong game if all you want is to win all the time. Too much RNG for that.


I don’t get why you think that releasing unbalanced heroes would make your situation better but about the emblems you are right: heavy emblemed defenses need better boards to be defeated by unemblemed attackers.


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Ive been here 6 years. The rng was changed because if all else failed go mono and win. Now mono is suicide. Trsust me. It has changed. If the developers purpose is to change to total luck then so be it. But this is not what the games original design was and its not a game i enjoy any more. Sorry you havent seen the change but its all too apparent to those of us whove been here since 2014 amd earlier.

It used to be strategy and intellect. NOw its just luck and its boring

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Beating farm stages is pretty easy, I think we can agree. Beating challenge and event stages is also pretty easy - I’m sure that with more than 50 levelled 5* heroes, you don’t struggle. Beating titans isn’t hard - you have the opportunity to settle at a equilibrium level. And in raiding the attacker still has all the advantages, so I’m sure you’re still winning most of your raids.

The only thing I think you are complaining about, then, is alliance wars. (Must you really get easy wins everywhere? Everywhere?)

Wars work like this: to win, you need to score more points than the other alliance. The results in your individual battles contribute to your team’s performance, but you can be beaten in all 6, still make a fantastic contribution to your team, and still win. So I’m not sure that “winning” is exactly your problem.

It sounds like you are just sick of the game and ought to find something different to do with your time. It’s great that you enjoyed it for a year or two. Hope you find something else soon.


So now I can safely ignore everything else this person ever writes? I can, yes?

Edit: Just for the record…

“Only five months after being globally launched in March 2017, E&P entered the top 50 grossing games in its category (RPGs/Strategy) on the App Store.”



If every top alliance is losing every war, can’t get a single victory , then every underdog is winning every war. It has finally happened my prayers are answered. F2p for life we are going to win now. Love for the little guys.


I may be tiring of it. You could be right.

I do win most of my raids. Only because i use mn, ariel, alby and two other heros to drop defense, contribute to mana boost and capitolize on defense drop. Its the only team that consistently wins.

I used to LOVE picking heros based on skills and speeds and such. It made the game soooo much fun. Now the defenses are sooo op that i bever have a chance to use soecials. The heros die so fast its just frustrating. Its so frustrating that im loosing the passion i used to have.

Im not complaining. Im just wanting the “strategy” idea to start working again. How does taking mn alby and ariel to battle equate to strategy? Its op in my opinion. And im currently builing 3 mn’s. 3 albys and 3 ariels soni have 3 nearly guaranteed war wins and im not even excited about doing that. I like the ransom heros but they are all proving to be useless


Its absolutely getting harder and maybe a bit silly strong if you ask me. But there is a solution and that is to change the wars so the defense only can be used 1 time. Like attacker; heroes should only be allowed once and you would have to build 6 defenses before every war! Then it would be a game full of strategy and less focus on ONE massive defense :-)!


Fighting the best this game has to offer, coupled with the fact the skill factor is particularly low. You hit a wall where you cant compensate it nor with money as you are at the peak already, nor with skill as the amount of things you can do to make an impact are still heavely influenced by RNG.

You like winning but you dont like competition. You are making the right choice of playing down the War ladder. Less stress and you get to enjoy being a powerfull player by this game standards.

That would be amazing. Make the defenses rotate just like the offenses have to do. That would be so much fun! I like the way you think. Kudos to you.


Thanks! Hope someone else notice it (@Petri @zephyr1) so it could be made possible sometime in the future. And btw I’m one of those defense builders going over 4,7k in a matter of weeks. Not to fond of it, as mentioned, but it’s the current meta :-)!


That is one of the better ideas I’ve heard. Would love to see it implemented.

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There’s at least one idea post related to that, here: Why not using 30 heroes for war defense too?

I’d suggest resurrecting that and trying to get people to support it.


This would massively disadvantage the defences of weaker players, and give stronger players with deep rosters 6 near automatic victories. This would ruin alliance wars, imho.


Thanks @zephyr1! Ive mentioned this idea several times before with no notice. Thanks for the link, I voted for it :-)!

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Maybe it could be a change once you go above a certain alliance ranking. You fight in a different pool. I know the coding potentially gets much more difficult or at least more time intensive, but it would force people with stronger rosters to plan more.


weaker and stronger players shouldn’t face each other should they? And how come this affects more then current meta? If you have 30 decent attackers, you have 30 decent defenders! I didn’t mean you needed 60.

Weaker and stronger players certainly should face each other - alliances that mix them together are the best kind; anything that disadvantages that sort of alliance is bad for the game.

Because as matters stand, you don’t need 30 decent heroes to field a good defence: you need just 5. Thus a team with a lot of weaker players who lack depth can still defend viably against an alliance each member of which has 30 decent heroes.

They’ll probably still lose, of course - their attacks won’t be strong enough. But the playing field has been levelled significantly.

Edit: And note that the Top 30 war matching algorithm (which I am on record as opposing) should provide further support to players whose strength is concentrated in their top 5. That’s a good thing.

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