EP Account on PC

Hi all, helping a friend here I am just confused about his EP account coz he can log in thru his pc but cannot play the game on his phone, anyone experienced it? Thanks in advance whoever replies :blush:

My only guess is compatibly issues with his phone?

Android or iOS platform do you know ?

And/or he could sent a trouble ticket to SG games and see if anyone can assist . :customs:

Which emulator does he use on PC? You get a conflict if one is Android and the other IOS. You can only log-in both when you got same operating system with same account log-in.

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He’s using android platform & yeah he already did sent to SG support but almost 2 weeks with no reply

I think he said bluebox

Hehehe sorry bluestacks not bluebox lol

Ok then I got no idea. Bluestacks is for simulating Android. If also the mobile phone is android it should load the google play account information correctly.
I also play in emulator and phone and got no problems…

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Check the game version…
Is it version 22.0.0 build 1078 for both devices?

I will ask him about this as far as I know he has the latest version of the game and he was able to play on his phone before he go on a week vacation. When he came back he can’t log in anymore. That is why he tried using his pc to log in & got confused coz he was able to play therein. :grin:

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