Enough with these Christmas defenses already

I tried Gobler… he just plain and simple sucks… I’m not wasting emblems and aethers on him, only to keep him benched except for minion teams.

If I was FTP and lacking other minion counters and I had one in gobbler I would personally try everything in my power to make him as strong as I could :man_shrugging:
Different strokes for different folks i guess.

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Not a chance again 3 times. And I did give the opportunity to green and purple.

This is my attack team against Xmas heroes

I think my win rate is around 75% and actually I love raiding against Xmas hero teams (although I haven’t worked out the absolute %). And if I can fire Skadi at the right time, it’s a guaranteed win for me! But then if I get a rubbish opening board, I can hardly keep my 5* heroes alive - let alone a 3* that’s extremely slow! I so agree with @Ian487


ludwig is your problem: go mono holy with snipers; kill the left side and after the 2nd MN; key is speed

Gobbler’s stats are just too low for him to be reliable even if emblemed and LB. Anyway, I have a long list of 4* greens waiting for LB, including c.Mel, Tettukh and c.Caedmon, all of them seeing a lot more action than Gobbler. As for emblems… druid class are shared between Vela, Kadilen, Pengi, Mel and Caedmon, with Pengi as work in progress, so, no druid emblems available for Gobbler anytime soon…

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Lol that means heros has to be used in their respective month of release… Then i guess u might also should restrict your roster and play with heros only according to their launch month… :grin: no fair point

Like the trio gtv we’re easy to beat. To me it was. Now these heros are way to much difficult. Give us back teluria

I posted a video in mono Holly. Even with yellow stones. MN revives all. And the cicle continues with No more stones.

I don’t know if my suggestion is worth anything, but I would try Kageburado, Mitsuko, Woolerton, Devana, Malosi. I usually go 3-1-1, and adjust color to defenses, but I think what I suggest gives a good chance. Not saying it will win all the time.
Mitsuko ensures that if Pengi goes off, he suicides, kind of like how i use Krampus as a sacrifice if things go bad. Kageburado is a heavy hitter and dispels. Malosi can block, and Devana can deal with the minions and dispel. Woolerton is your healer.

agree :slight_smile:

Also agree… advice should be tailored to a player’s roster and situation to be helpful. I’m lucky enough to have a great mono Purple that has a good chance against these teams (Proteus, Bera, Seshat, Domitia, C-Rigard or C-Sabina)… but not everyone does. Every time I see advice going “Just use Bera!” “Just use G. Chameleon!” “Just use Skadi!” I roll my eyes a bit, how many people have those heroes…

that said, there are a lot of helpful people on the forums willing to give advice specific to a player after seeing their roster and asking their playstyle… so when I ask for help I personally always try to give as much relevant info as possible, to get more tailored advice.

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hmm… Mama North can resist mana control, but IMO it’s still the best bet for buying time vs. these heroes. other essential skills are dispel, and minion countering. (as reference, my best anti-Christmas team is Proteus / Bera / Domitia C or normal / Seshat / C-Rigard or C-Sabina)

If going mono, how about…

Proteus / Kageburado / Malicna / Domitia / C-Rigard — you have mana block and dispel, and a defense debuff/attack buff to hopefully pile on enough damage to kill one hero at a time


Hansel / Tettukh / Lianna / Kadilen / Rat — one mana control and one silencer, but I like this less as it will struggle to muster enough power…


if going 3/2 maybe

Kage / Proteus / C-Rigard / Mitsuko (as a Pengi counter) / maybe Vanda to help take the sting off Mama North’s healing a bit?

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Imho any advice is welcome, except for poshy showoff people that wants you to look at their shiny Heroes, I personally don’t waste my time with them.
A lot of people gave advice here on how to beat Christmas Heroes. If they suggest using lepiota, you can try tettukh. If they suggest grimble, you can try gobbler or cGormek. I successfully raided a Christmas bunker today with LB kvasir, I was experimenting and he may be worth it.

If you don’t own a lot of exotic heroes (side note, i don’t) you should try alternatives. At least if you wanna improve and not waiting the game to win for you.

Not referring to @Ian487 or anyone else, just general talking

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Se vuelve agotador, tenemos un año con el tema de los minions y ahora estas formaciones promueven mas el uso de minions, hacen la pelea muy larga y tediosa.

I would do something like

  • C Kiril/Kiril (depending if Santa is in the lineup)
  • Frida
  • Thorne/Richard (depending on emblems)
  • Proteus
  • Hanitra for survivability especially if Pengi fires, or alternatively Sabina if you really want to dispel C Krampus

You should be able to take out at least one opposing hero with 9 blues (assuming mana troop reqiurements) - preferably MN. If C Krampus is up and you can’t wait him out then Friday can be used as a dispeller - in which case you probably want to take C Krampus out. Proteus can be used to lock MN (hopefully she won’t resist).

Alternatively you can go more aggressive and bring both Thorne and Richard, or Snow white. It will need 11/12 tiles, but with all the buffs and debuffs you will almost be assured of wiping out everyone.

I will try a play around with something like the above and see if its viable.

Edit: your optimal solutiom is to emblem and lb gobbler. You really should have a minion counter

I watched a few attacks on your video. A few things occured to me…there was no dispeller, available everywhere, and minion control, which seems (almost) mandatory facing teams like you were facing. Although you did have Uraeus. Also, and I don’t mean to be overly critical, but if I was raiding and kept losing repeatedly, the way you were losing (down to last 1 or 2 enemy), I might change my team up or target specific heroes (mother n). This would probably lead to me bringing a dispeller to overcome kramps taunt, etc.

It seems the problem, rather than scandalous boards, were the hero and targeting choices of the player.

Happy hunting and good luck.


It’s not an excuse.
The game will never be to everyone’s liking because the game will not give heroes to everyone equally
In fact, if that were the case, the game would be worth nothing.
If you invest little in the game is what you have
If you invest a lot is what you have
And if you are right, everyone can have an opinion, but that does not mean that the opinion of the one who complains is more true than the one who replies.
So I’m still tired of so much complaining because with his team he can’t win… heroes have to be found and if you don’t win, you put up with it.
I’ve been in this game for more than 4 years now and I’m still getting new heroes, and what’s left… so calm down and play.

Of course it’s viable. Most teams are viable on the right boards. Trouble is, we don’t know what tiles we’ll get. Anyway getting 10 blue tiels aligned before the ■■■■ hits the fan is problematic at best…

Waste of resources… I would think twice about using emblems and LB’s on him, even if I had them available, which I don’t. However, I have Uraeus and Devana that work as minion control, to some extent. Mono yellow Malosi /Uraeus/Joon/Devana/Woolerton works just fine as long as the board is favorable. There’s a blocker and a dispeller for Krampus, minion control, healing and decent fire power. Stil, a good yellow board is needed. I also played around this a bit, replacing Joon and Woolerton with Kage and Ratatoskr, just in case things go south with the yellow tiles.

Thing is christmas teams were close to imortal with Krampus Santa and MN on costumes but laked the finishing touch. And now Pengi was added just to act as a finisher. SG knows how to make people open their wallets. These insanely strong heroes will make lots of money next christmas too…

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While Gobbler is admittedly a niche hero who is pretty much only useful in that one niche, can he really be called a waste of resources if he would help you against a team setup you are struggling with?

To me, a hero who could make the difference against commonly faced enemies seems like an excellent use of resources.

Based on what you have available, I’d lean towards giving a 3-2 blue/yellow team a try.

In blue, I would start with Frida. Her dispel is key against Krampus and the elemental defense drop will boost your damage output. Next would be Richard. Richard deals reasonable damage and gives you an attack drop to flip Krampus’ attack buff. Then round out the blue stack with Kiril, who provides an attack and defense buff to completely flip Santa’s effects.

In yellow, Devana is probably your best bet. She offers an additional dispel against Krampus and her minions give you a bit of cover against enemy minions. For the other yellow, you can choose between Woolerton or Hanitra. Woolerton gives you fast, guaranteed healing at the cost of freezing her own mana and giving you a relatively frail healer. Hanitra on the other hand, can help you dodge Pengi and Santa’s attacks while providing an overheal on a succesful dodge. Coupled with an attack drop from Richard, this would give your team a chance at surviving attacks. In addition, between Devana’s elemental link, Kiril’s 2 buffs, and Hanitra’s own 3 buffs, Hanitra should be ready to go again fairly quickly providing cover against Pengi’s hard damage.

As for strategy, your first priority must absolutely be Mother North. No matter how threatening the others are, focus on taking her out ASAP so that you can stall and whittle down the rest.


You have zero minion counters - devanna and Uraeus are both minion mitigators. Fire both… and Pengi will still obliterate you. Fire Gobbler and pengi becomes an average strength sniper, and you get a full heal to boot.


He has decent stats with full emblems. His survivability will be very decent if also LB’d. 400 odd emblems and 4* aether mats? That seems cheap to me to have your first actual minion counter. To be effectively used vs these Xmas defenses as well as Freyas, Beras, Frosths and any sole Krampus/C Krampuses. That is a pretty big niche. Again, if I was you, I would reprioritise the use of those emblems and aethers (if no aethers I would set aside some from the next omega quest)

They are strong, but with very big weaknesses. Explot those weaknesses and you will consistently beat them.

Really very well made points

Your thought process here was very similar to mine. The blue stack is absolutely the strongest one to bring. And Hanitra is a pretty good counter to Pengi


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