Enough with these Christmas defenses already

If you raid near the top, you know what I’m talking about. W formation with Mother North, C. Krampus, Santa, Frigg or Bera, and Pengi.

A few turns later C Krampus does attack up, Santa his defense down, and Pengi does 3500 damage right through Ludwig’s 85% defense against specials or, if you don’t have a taunt up, kills your entire team all by himself. Just ridiculous. I’ve raided these teams and win about 50% of the time but they are completely ridiculous. You need a near-perfect board, no C. Krampus evades, killing Pengi before he goes off, and no MN resses. Checking some of the teams I fought in the top-30, I often checked them again 6+ hours later and they are still top 30 even though they haven’t been online in all that time. People just don’t bother to even fight these teams anymore, or they try and lose. Instant top-100.

No team comp should be this dominant. Sure, bring Penolite you say, but not everyone has him. As if it wasn’t bad enough with all the dime-a-dozen Frigg/Elizabeth/Morel teams this year, this is even worse. How about allowing a bit more variety and not making instant win teams that rely on a near perfect board to even win?


maybe I’m not raiding high enough, but I don’t see that many defenses… I usually am in 2500-2600 cup range…

I also wonder how many players fielding these teams, will actually be altruistic and/or cup droppy enough to field a weaker defense…

I think OP is asking SGG to do something about those defenses like nerfing the involved heroes or implementing some mechanic that wrecks their synergy. We all know that would likely turn into Telluriagate 2.0, so it won’t happen. I agree that these kinds of defenses are annoying, but I don’t think they have the prevalence of GTV back in the day… yet.


Couldn’t agree more! I can’t be bothered to re-roll again and again any more! Just takes me much longer to fill my chests!

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Fair and good point… the synergy between these Christmas 5*s is indeed insane… and how many people have counters like Peñiolite, not many…


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I don’t think they’re that common… I might see 1 every dozen or so. In fairness, I do have Krampus who mitigates a bit, but generally I break down the attack team as follows:

1-Need to neutralize taunter: Malosi, cSabina, Mist (or a combination)
1a-Remove taunt: Caedmon, Melandor, Sabina
2-Remove minions: Grimble, Gobbler, cGormek or to a lesser extent, Devana, Uraeus
3-Cleanser to deal with Santa: Rigard, Kiril
4-Taunter as a sacrificial lamb to absorb Pengi if all else fails
5-Sniper/heavy hitter to take out Mother North first

I mean you may need to mix and match, but those are some thoughts on how to deal with that type of team. Not going to win all the time, but those are some considerations on approaching a Christmas defense.

Edit: Forgot about Skadi as a possible minion counter with an attack up or def down using Kiril as a healer.


I think a big part of the problem is that the Christmas bonus makes those minions so dang beefy. The only reason Frosth isn’t part of this defense might be that it would be too vulnerable against a green stack with Krampus, Pengi, and Frosth. Otherwise the minions would basically be meat shields with the stats of an S1 three-star!

You almost need a minion eater like C. Gormek to try and eliminate the minions so you can actually damage the underlying hero. Or Gobbler! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I suppose Devana’s minion-eating minion could help, or Viscaro’s damage that bypasses minions. Maybe he’s the first in a line of heroes that will bypass minions when inflicting damage. But then again you’re getting into heroes with pretty limited availability.


What’s worse is all I wanted for Christmas was a mother north.

I saved all my tokens like a good boy and even spent a few pennies.

Did I get mother North? NO I did not.

Do I feel envious of all the people I come up against with her? Yes I do.

Christmas heroes should be locked in the game and only usable in Dec.


The new meta is the new meta. It will be that way until the new new meta comes to replace it.

It’s always been that way. Were you around for Telluria? People used to freak out about Guinevere…

The reroll button is there if you want to avoid them, that’s always an option.

I get tired of fighting them too, but ya can’t ask people not to play their shiny new OP heroes.


They are pretty common when you are at 2700 cups. I use a Skadi/Grimble team against that set up, so I’m happy to see them. That said, if Xnol is part of that defense, that’s very tough to beat.


Grimble the G.O.A.T :goat:
And i can do this all day loooong!


I ascended Grimble when he came out…back when there were barely any minion summoners… WHO’S LAUGHING NOW???


Noooooooo, not again! We… I don’t need GTV hate tread 2.0. Yes the synergy between them is awsome. So be it. Yes they are hard to beat, but they die as any other hero. But in 6 months there will be new heroes, new meta. No calling for nerfs please.


You know, I consciously decided back then to hold my EHTs to summon for Vela in January instead of Grimble in December. Made sense at the time, but now:

  • Minions are everywhere, and Grimble is a great counter.
  • Vela got nerfed like three times for daring to play too nicely with Telluria (who I don’t have!)
  • Blue is my strongest color, so Vela barely sees use these days, while I’m so desperate for purples that I’m running Quintus as my fifth in a mono purple lineup.

Hindsight sure is 20/20.


In all honesty the Christmas hero defence team will soon be tomorrows chip shop wrapping paper.
These new heroes and new costumes creep up in power time and time again. That forces the more competitive amongst us to spend to keep up with the Jones’s…. And that will always happen.
I remember when people shouted about Onatel, Kunchen and Telluria…. And look at them now in comparison to todays top heroes.
We just have to learn to play with what we have. And if parts of the game are no longer any fun, focus on something different…
There is still lots of good stuff / fun stuff to do in this game……


Get a Viscaro and pour some evil treant on their joyful face. Be the real grinch.


It is a tough defense. Season 5 is probably coming soon, and we’ll see the newest and more powerful heroes . Not that this provides any comfort.


I don’t tend to reroll (unless I’m food hunting and then I’m after 40K+ food)

So just done 6 raids, started at 2656 cups…was into 2700 after my 2nd win. I won 5 straight then had a problem with the last one as just had zero board until it was too late.

Point is the Christmas crew isn’t on every defence at this level. They are there don’t get me wrong and C.Krampus is crazy strong if you let him fire but they are very beatable. I tend to mono-yellow as I have Malosi (block his ability) and Devana (strip his ability if I miss it). But they aren’t every single defence and not nearly Telluria level annoying as yet.


Ummm… actually, that’s not entirely true…

Adding the 20% defense hiden bonus we’ll get a defensive stat close to 1300… boosted by a 50% special skill buff, we’re geting close to 2k defense… and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s a damn rogue! He’ll evade your specials… I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t die like any other hero…


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