Enough with the Towers already

The curses are Terrible, sucking the best of our heroes who are already consuming tremendous amounts of resources battling Titans with insane amounts of hit points. Oh, and the ascension rewards…nuff said.

Imo. With all due respect. Entertaining game. No doubt I can’t like everything about it. It’s just so very, very frustrating watching heroes get knocked off and not being able to do anything at all about it with the Battle Items I can craft.


You view is very much like mine was at the start.

But I accepted I had to change since the game wasn’t going to. Crafted 100 Tornadoes for a Ninja tower about 3 towers ago.

It’s changed them from horrible to enjoyable. Trying to not use the Nado’s until you get stuck brings the puzzle element back but having the safety net to help out should you get stuck.

I was super vocal about my dislike of the Towers. Now they are something I look forward to.


I also enjoy the tower. Gemgate aside, I find the challenge fun. I dont use many items. im not looking for super high placement. I just use them as a means to free and helpful things I would not have gotten from the game anyway. It beats farming 8-7 any day and the rewards are a bit better too. Especially nice is they don’t take my world energy. True free stuff.

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I enjoyed it, a lot better than Ninja and with the classes allowing up to 5 curses I think its very accessible for more developing rosters to climb higher.

As an example between my costume kiril, rigard and Gillinbursti I could withstand 20 curses on healers and that’s not even considering getting away with unlevelleds and Grevle etc on earlier levels.

I will concentrate on planning for it better next time, as I did some playing about to see how far unmaxed heroes and 3/4stars could take me. Will buy a few flasks over the next NT so don’t need to get them all at once is ToM.


I used a team of 3/70 Nornat- 3/70 Isarnia- 4/80 Glenda - cGunnar - Kiril from impossible wave 20 to 50 with these items: small mana potion, small health potion, axes, revive scroll. The floors took 2-4mins each. I used a total of about 50 small mana potions, 20 axes, 100+ small hp potions (they cost close to nothing, so I dont mind spending them a lot) and about 5 revive scrolls during the whole 75 floors.

It was super easy with all these mana buffs, attack boosts etc, hardly had to do any moves per wave so the heroes didn’t get curses. I did lose Isarnia on the way though, but I changed her into her costume form.

I just couldn’t bring myself to care about playing it. I don’t mind that it was, I presume, a bit of a challenge toward the end, but as soon as I realized even the chance to compete was hidden behind yet another glaring paywall, there was no way I was wasting the four or five hours it would’ve taken to finish it—to say nothing of the time to hit titans, compete in wars, fill chests, and complete chests over those 4-5 days.

(Make no mistake, competing in just about every other aspect of the game is hidden behind a paywall as well, but this was SG’s most blatant disregard of its less affluent player base. As someone who’s been playing the game since it came out, I find this incredibly discouraging—and rather disgusting, as I imagine the game’s creators have long since made their fortunes on the game’s revenue.)


You and me, both. I did the first floor for the lowest amount of emblems and stopped there. The Ninja tower board me to tears and I ran through a lot of materials completing that in the past so i’m not doing any towers anymore.

My general feelings about the Tower Events (both of them) is that the heroes themselves are probably the only thing worth seeking. Doing the event itself is a waste of resources and gets very tiresome once you get to a stage or boss wave that wipes out everyone or the game manages to curse you twice, especially when you just STARTED using that hero but the game chooses to not allow a match after 6 turns.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the event is more for those deals than the stages themselves. The event/s feel extra.

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I finished all 50 floors but not the extra 25. Ain’t paying extra 250 gems for that. I started using heroes with delayed damage like gullinbursti and carol. And since I had 2 carols, I kind of just breezed through those floors with ease.
If you’re not playing for score just talking your time. They gave an advantage to certain classes this time round so make use of that. Don’t tornado unless really necessary.
Sometimes it depends on luck as well. Just when the curse is at it’s last turn, you match a chain below it and the correct colour comes to avert the curse.
And always go for the minion blessing if possible. It is padded health that protects your team against high damage

I’ve never finished a tower and don’t intend to. I only finish challenges because I can actually auto 75% of the levels.

50 levels in 4 or 5 days are they mad? I won’t even get into curses, losing heroes, etc - I think any mechanic that tries to force us to use benched heroes has a good intention. It’s really all about the time for me. Between Titan, War hits and raid tournaments do they think I’m permanently hooked up to the game?

Also Mythical Titans, I’ll hit them 2 or 3 times but that’s it tbh

I was happy to see the new challenges went back to the 10 level per difficulty set up.


It seems more and more roster depth is something you need. It started with the roster mastery with ToL. I feel this is an extension of that to a degree. I’m neither for it or against, all’s I know I didn’t find the time for the Magic tower this first time round.

I find the towers far more stressful than I should. I have a limited roster of heroes. Its the extra level of randomness that I don’t appreciate. You start with a bad board, try to fix it and then you have to deal with a curse. Doesn’t matter what move you make, the curse cannot be shifted and bang! You’ve lost your best healer or Sniper. Not just for the rest of the level but for the rest of the event. You then have to pick through your now depleted bench to find a lesser replacement and try again, probably having to take more powerful items to make up for the lack of whichever hero you lost.

I end up spending more time reacting to the curses than thinking about the attacks I want to make.

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U need to plan your hero properly since beginning stages…
Normal Stage 1-11 i used my 3* team
Normal stage 12-25 i used 4* team (mono )
Impossible stage 1-15 i used 4* red momo+ 4* yellow mono
Impossible stage 16-33 used 4* red & yellow (here i got cursed my 7 4*)
Impossible stage 35 onwards i uses my 5* red and yellow mono teams…

U need to select blessings very carefully tbh they made favorable for players, u just need to combine with lil strategically and its all done…
I finished tower on 1738th rank…Not so good but happy with that😇

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I wasn’ t able to finish even the first stage with 3* heroes on first try so skipped that option and used Tornados if I got stuck with curse gem.
I guess I need to upgrade my low levels to be as successful as you :wink: :ok_hand:

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You were able to complete 1-11 with just 3* heroes? That’s impressive. I could only do so until like the 5th floor.

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Some 3* heroes are definitely worth of the emblems and even limit breakers.

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This is what SG went wrong with Tower of Magic, doing all 50 flags without losing any floors or heroes is easy enough with just 5-10 magical heroes. If they want to push for more roster depth, the should have opened the last 25 impossible floors without gem payment.

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Magic tower is the worst designed event:
-75 lvl for only 50 energies available, nice paywall scam
-its ridiculously easy because of all these stupid blessings, +100% attack stack it like having an active Tarlak in your team all the way + all the mana bonus, you can charge all your heroes in 5/6 tiles and always full mana on boss wave
I completed the lvl 20-25 of impossible with auto play with only 4* (full emblem), stupidly easy, the hard thing is its stupidly time consuming and not free

this is SCAM Giants’s vision of a new exciting and challenging event, for me its just mehhhhh


Dont underestimate 3&4* heroa…They are the most value for money heros and easy to get…

Yes u know mini heimdall grevel 3* hero who overheals…He can help u a lot and make things easy for ur 3* mono team