Enough with same emblems over and over already!

Hello! Is anyone else getting same emblems all the time or it’s just me? Not one day goes buy that I don’t get tons of freaking barbarians and paladins that I’m never ever gonna use! Ever!
It’s so frustrating! I wish there is an option where you can stop delivery of certain emblems.
Anyone else have this problem?

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I also get a lot of ranger emblems that I do not use. I am low on paladin emblems though.

But it’s also about what heroes you get and then decide to level. For example Ludwig, Tetisheri, D’Artagnan depleted by Paladin emblems.

On the other hand I kept postponing working on C Alasie and C Gefjon

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I’ll take any blem that is gifted to me rather than part of an offer for purchase … :wink:


Nah, it’s random like everything else. Once you get a good barbarian hero, you’ll be glad you have them. It takes several months to accumulate the 1500 emblems needed to max a 5* character.


I have 4k barbarians and I doubt I’m gonna need all those ever. And that’s not even the point. Point is they keep comin and comin. Not a day goes buy I dont get at least 20 barb or paladins. It’s like Jim from Office is pulling eternal prank on me.

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Wow, that’s some pretty weird RNG on your account!

I have 2400 Paladin emblems myself… at least I will have enough for when I finally max Guan Yu and Eset


I’m almost there with Rouge blems…:smiley:

Here’s to hoping the portals gift you someone worthy of all those accumulated emblems!


A year ago I had 24 scopes and more than 2000 paladin emblems.
Acquiering Scopes and Paladin emblems did nothing for me.
Then HA10 retrained a dupe into Thorne, and with a lot of doubt I maxed him, mainly for W3K.
Then I took Ariel, Skadi and Lord Loki from FS, and all Scopes were used up. Two more acquired Scopes were used for LB2 of Krampus and Pengi. Now Snow White sits at 3/70 and waits for 5 more Scopes.
After giving a few Paladin emblems to Thorne, I got costumed Ares and maxed him, then came three goid 4* hetoes : Bogart, D‘Andre and Itham (2x) and I am in need of paladin emblems.

In this game any ressource can go from excess to absolute shortage in a few weeks.
Take what you get, you will need it one day.

Happy gaming


I chalk this up to the same reason people think the boards are rigged. When you go mono and only get 4 tiles you really notice it. Same with when you have 2000 paladin emblems, and get 50 paladin emblems in elemental chest it’s annoying.

Bad things always stand out more vividly.


If you ascended Thorne, it serves you right. I wouldn’t do it even if I had hundreds of scopes and only Thorne

Back in the day Thorne was a force to be reckoned with…

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I bet that your hero balance is equally unbalanced in that you don’t have as many barbarians and paladins compared to your other classes? In which case that makes sense. But sooner or later you’re going to get some and then be glad to have the emblems. I remember it was the same for me with regards to wizards and sorcerors.

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The emblems awards from POV and POG are on a set rotation and cycle through all the types

The emblem awards from rare quests are on a set rotation and cycle through all the types

The emblem awards from challenge events are constructed to be similar over the course of a year.

The emblem awards seasonal events and final tower awards are the same across types.

That being said,

Some of the other sources such as Alkashard awards, rare titans, & war chests can be large and not similar across type. These can temporarily skew your inventory, but wouldn’t expect to have a super large effect over time. Hopefully you are selecting alkashard rewards that you need.

Other sources such as level rewards in towers, mystic vision, tournaments, etc. are small and are unlikely to skew your inventory in an important way.

I will add that some of the challenge events (such as challenge festival 1 & 2) are very popular and have been offered more frequently than expected. The large emblem awards from these probably are affecting your inventory more than the overall design of challenge events intended.

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