Enough is enough

This has to stop.
Unfair war matchups and lower level players who are free to play getting matched with levels they have no chance of beating in raids.

To Small giant.

How can this be justified. Losing players because they have zero chance of doing anything. Video proof of 4 alliance members who wanted to quit because of the way that raid marching worked.
Seriously how do you expect a lvl 26 player to beat a lvl 76 player? Because that high level player cup dropped on a weak team!
Make it so it’s fair, they have no chance of beating a player like that!
Also war matching . An alliance with 12 players under lvl 30 should not be matched with an alliance with 14 players who have 4K teams. What motivation / will do they have to play if they are getting one shotted week after week?
Players are leaving in droves because now it’s all about profit and not care about your actual fan base.
Seriously enough is enough.
We don’t want events 24/7, we don’t want offers almost daily. It’s a too much of a money grab and it’s being recognized.
I strongly advocate that you watch NittanyLionRoars video on “what is wrong with E+P”, pretty much sums up the sentiment of a lot of players.
Something has to change!
Too much change too soon is going to drive people away and is unfortunately.
There is a massive player base here, a lot of which are getting fed up with the game now basically becoming play to win, don’t spend money, don’t expect anything.

Please I beg you to listen to your core base of players and change the game so it’s enjoyable for all again.


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