Enough already

For the entire week already the game has worked completely against me again. This is NOT normal. Bad tiles, spraying the other side with unsupported tiles, locked fields, dodging, evading, you name it. Everything is falling the wrong way. This game has become nothing but a source of constant frustration.

The bad part is, SG knows this. Half this forum is filled with complaints about this kind of stuff. All this randomness can be too much, when it turns against your. And what do they do? Introduce MORE randomness all the time. Talents, more randomness. Rush battles, bloody battles, randomness plays a bigger role. Hostile tiles, more randomness. Every single change seems to introduce more randomness in some way (yes, yes I know, not all of them).

I’ve been pretty stressed the last couple of years, due to work, private circumstances, covid, you name it. When you turn to a game in such a period, you seek some release of that stress, NOT more stress. But SG doesn’t care, they just want the money to keep rolling in. They hook you with a nice roster of heroes that you can keep developing and extending all the time and introduce more frustration, because then the whales will pay to try to make it better by getting stronger heroes. They know damn well that we’re not going to leave our ‘army’ very easily, after spending years of carefully building it up. Specifically when there’s always that next nice 5* to upgrade.

So after evaluating what this game has brought me over the last couple of years, and reaching the conclusion that it has actually decreased the my quality of life, in stead of increasing it, I’ve decided to toss the game out.

If you recognise the experience I’ve described, I’d advice you to ask yourself the same question: has my life become better with this game, or worse? Some of you will genuinely like this game (good for you), others may find that they’re just hooked, like me. Draw your own conclusions.


Greetings, I feel with you.

I did the same thing a while back. One day raid events made me angry and this was the point when I deinstalled the game. You can have the best attack team but what is it worth if tiles are against you? Not even talking about summons.

Now I am back and I became much more calm. Raiding for trophies? Nope. Who cares about them? Loot improves not significant at all between arenas - in the end it is still randomness. Same for tournaments. Who cares which place I am? The loot is anyway random and mostly against me. 5% better odds is still nothing worth grieving or getting frustrated. Summon portals? From time to time it is nice to receive something new but now I take it as “extra gift” instead of hoping…

You are doing good. Stay away for a while and maybe you also will come back and enjoy it again. If not - it is not a great loss. EDIT: I meant a great loss for YOU (just to make sure you dont misunderstand me) :grin:



Not sure why there’d be any really; seems 1000% reasonable to stop doing something if it’s not of any benefit to you, or affecting your well-being, and it’s your choice to do the thing or not.

What you going on about

Sorry miss read it. You would think there won’t be but watch those that will post something to counter this to back SG.

Instead of SG staff growing a couple and say something to those to posts

To be honest and totally fair, I fully understand where you are coming from.
Veteran players are becoming increasingly frustrated by the game and the direction it’s going.
Other players are realising its an “addiction” for want of a better word but continue to “pay” to try and maintain their position / rating…
That said there is a core group of players in all categories that continue to have fun with this game to escape RL stuff.
For me personally when I get to the point that this game no longer provides fun and entertainment and it becomes frustrating and/or stressful to continue with it, then I will pack my bags, delete my roster and find something more useful to do…
And again to be honest, everyday things are getting back to normal in the U.K. and these COVID restrictions are continually being eased. With that in mind I will have very little time to play this type of game in the very near future …
And I am still waiting to see what SG are going to release as QOL stuff that they told us about in the 2021 sneak peak …


Is that really necessary? Is there a need for one?

Original poster is expressing his/her frustration and is likely wanting someone here to console him/her. And there you are standing on the sidelines eating your popcorn waiting for the fireworks anytime now.

That’s not right.


Good for you. Assessment to one’s self is a very very very difficult thing to do. Players playing the game has various reasons why they do what they do. Some invest a lot of time, while others only log in a few minutes each they. Too much money, time and effort on this game ain’t good. There should be a perfect balance between time on this game and time for personal life, such as, but not limited to, family, friends, work, school, etc.

Whatever decision you have made, good luck and more power to you.


Not at all that was there to show I’m ready for the counter attack post as I’ll always back the community.

what you did is assume that’s that I’m doing witch is far from the truth but nice try bud.

@FrostyStache I’m sorry you’ve been pretty stressed for two years. That’s a long time. Too long.

I’m sure that you’ve made the best decision for yourself. All the best to you!

Aight imma give this my best
I give up. I tried, but I got nothing.
SG only cares about one thing it’s that.


Outside of rare quests, I haven’t seen a [non-purchasable] 4* ascension mat in over a month. This game is garbage.


What if the community majority counter attack post? Do you then support them? Just asking as an observer with my popcorn at the ready.

The minute you think a game is personally singling you out with bad luck is the time to stop playing. I feel your frustration, but there’s nothing anyone here can do to change your mind. Free yourself, delete the app and never look back. When entertainment is frustrating, that’s your end game.


This is completely true. I thought I’m the only one that’s why I didn’t complain. But seems it’s so many people complain about SG.

They should know if people gets bored this game they Weill stop to play.

Nothing good is happening. Even their loots. I’ve got almost 3 months NOTHING from Titans, elemental chests, war chest etc. That’s purposely.


Well won’t support them if they support SG in there stupid ideas witch are making players leave and unhappy.

P. S enjoy your popcorn bud. Love popcorn sweet and salty :grin:

If the OP doubting the randomness of RNG, I might be tempted to counter it. However, the OP vented the frustration about RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG and so on. This game have a lot of layers of RNG and it is frustrating when sometimes all of them generate bad result which is very possble. Personally, I also hate RNG on top of RNG.


After 3 years playing the game, I’m still enjoying it mostly due to the friendships I’ve made in our alliance. There are things that bug me about it. War matchmaking with the shuffle alliances sucks. I really dislike the raid formations. I came to accept the RNG stinginess when it comes to tiles and summons a long time ago. C2P for a while now. I treat it like a game and I try to not get too worked up about the bad things and focus on the fun things.

But I can TOTALLY understand others who get too frustrated and wind up quitting the game. It’s a reasonable response.


I wish you good luck with your decision and I understand your frustration.

I put money on the game… Too Much for what I received and when I received something… I’m often disappointed by that. People may call me lucky… But I don’t think so.

I received a lot of 5* but Its seems SG is giving me :

  • saison 1 hero
  • tons of duplicata
  • hotm of the months

What I want is different heros that I don’t have.
For exemple :

1- Knight of Avalon : I received 2x Black knight nothing else… Ok it’s possible but I prefer 1x Black knight and another one… If IT was just to that my exemple… I Wont complain… But Its an accumulation of all that follow… Put together…

2- Guardians of teltoc : received 2 guardan gazelle before receiving another one : chameleon

3- Christmas event : received 3 x Mother north before receiving something else : krampus

4- tavern of Legend : received more 5* season 1 ( 0,6% ) than old hotm… ( 1% )

5- ninja event : received 3x jade , 2 x Mica… The 2 weakest of them… 0 cobalt… 0 onyx … 0 Garnet

6- last month ( april ) : I received 6 Frosth … 0 event 5* hero…

7- Costume.event : I received 3 x elkanen costume… I have few others… But a lot a costume I don’t have…

Like I said… It’s an accumulation of everything. Maybe I don’t have the right to.complaint…

I don’t want to be absolutly AT the top… But with all the money I spent… I think that I deserved heros to be able to challenge the best players.


People shouldn’t care that much for raids, to start with.

It’s pretty obvious at this point raids are just a place to SGG show off overpowered heroes to make you buy them.

What does raids gives in return of all stress? Nada. Raid chests are useless.

Most of the “overpowered at defense” heroes aren’t even that good in attack or without the AI bonus.

Your enemy has a plan and Zynga is smart. Think about it. All they do is for making you buy gems.

Now with the formations, beating them is even harder and your raid rewards are still the same useless junk. What else you need to care a bit less about something so empty? It’s just a showcase.

Tournaments and wars are 100% board dependent so I’d say just relax and quit battles once you notice game want you to lose. Save ur time.


What else is there?

Nothing… for me at least. Raiding was the only thing I liked about this bullsiht moneymaking machine. Well, I’m still playing, but I’ve lost my apetite… Yes, they’ve ruined it for me lately as the gap between f2p and p2w become to wide to cross unless lady luck blesses you with the perfect board. There’s a handfull of defense heroes, so overpovered next to my team, there’s no point in going after them. And what’s worst, lots and lots of defenses featuring such heroes are well within my raid matchmaking range evey day, raiding me for significant cups numbers and even worst, making it then impossible to revenge… I don’t mind, though, it’s been a fun ride while it lasted, and above all, a free one. No regrets here, even if I don’t have Krampus, Onix and Frigg, I still have both my kidneys, didn’t have to give one of them up to pull at the latest portals… so, what can I say, SG, thanks for the free ride, it’s been fun, but keep your paywalled heroes for some poor smuck with a bleeding wallet…