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So, after weeks spent cruising the recruitment thread, I’m making my own post. Not sure where I’d best fit in, but thinking it might be time for a move.

I’m in the U.S. eastern time zone. I’m not the strongest (2800-ish?), but I tend to use all my energies and flags. Not interested in raids, so my cups hover around 600-900 (for chests).

10 months in, I’m at level 40, rocking 3*s (curse you RNGesus. lol), but always working on getting stronger. Sh just hit level 20, TC 2 days, 19 hours (but I’m not impatiently waiting or anything. lol) from level 20, so I’ve got that going for me.

Looking for a bit more banter and flag usage, while appreciating that folks have lives. Don’t care if we kill Titans or win wars, it’d just be nice to know most folks are trying most of the time, or even logging in.

Interest in sharing frustration or satisfaction at times in chat would be a bonus. I’d be interested in strategy talk, but I’d honestly take any talk between alliance mates. lol

I’ve already got Discord and Line, so there’s that. Anyone looking for a friendly, motivated weakling?

Please check Always Room for Jell-O. We always welcome new players.

You can check us out at Darkest Hyrule. We have a Discord channel.
Our alliance ranges from new players to older (around 3 years) with various levels between 10 to 71. We just want people who are active on titans and wars if they participate. It’s a casual alliance which you can tell. The core of us were together for the past 2.5 years, but our rosters and levels have changed significantly.

Hey there, thanks for responding! You guys look like I’d fit in pretty well, but you’re full. :joy:

Appreciate the offer, and I’ll keep you in mind!

Thanks again!

Hey there! Thanks so much for responding!

I did check your alliance out, and you guys are MUCH stronger than me. It’d be fun to hang out with y’all, but I’d worry about not pulling my share of the weight? :relaxed:

Thank you again for the invite!

Glad you took a look, but I have to mention that we are pretty relaxed.
Honestly, don’t worry about pulling your weight, we only care about being active. Even with 3* heroes, you can find a spot in the wars with cleaning up damaged teams, if you are comfortable with that. There’s no pressure to quickly build up your roster, we know it takes time.

Check out Digital Warriors. We are active, but still a casual group. We have a friendly and talkative core of players.

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