Enjoying getting my backside hand it to me in raids, anyone else?

I am getting hammered in raids, I can’t seem to win for the life of me. DiscoBot does not like me, anyone else no liked by discobot?


Once you stop caring about losing and only rarely re-roll, you’ll gain experience and RNG will give you some illogical wins to help with cups.

Are you stacking in a 3-2, 4-1, or 5-0 lineup? If you’re attacking with a rainbow team, you should at least stack 2 against the tank in a 2-1-1-1.


Lol, yes, yes, and yes… when I wake up tomorrow I will probably have 3 wins for 100 trophies. Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, lol.

Have a look at this topic Ultimate Raid Strategy Tips for the Casual Player
May be, you’ll find some useful tips on raiding.
Or, may be, you just need to improve your roster. Upper silver or lower gold prompt that you play with 3* or unlevelled 4/5* heroes, right?

So, I’m guessing that re-rolling is bad. No wonder I keep losing also. Just fight whomever comes up, win or lose, doesn’t matter.

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Re-rolling isn’t terrible. It just costs hams. Revenge is free. I would sometimes re-roll to try and get harder teams. You lose less cups fighting them and win big if you manage a victory. They will revenge you, but they’ll get far fewer cups back for beating you. It’s a weird raiding system, so work it to your advantage and the only thing to worry about is if your alliance has a minimum cup level. Even then just tell them what you’re up to.

I just looked at my raids, I rearrange my team according to what I read that you sent me. My team power was 1947 and they defeated a. Team power of 3450. Awesome advice, thank you.

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Sorry, my team power is 2947 not 1947

You can edit your post and update the team power. It is not a chat where you have to send a follow up message with a corrected information.

A lazy way to do raids if you want to go brainless is bring two-three off colour healers and stack two attackers in a colour that is strong against the tank. I do this when I can’t be bothered thinking and it sort of works out OK against many teams…

Not fool proof obviously

An even lazier way is to mono or do 4-1 with 1 being an off colour healer

Raids are just one of those things you know? I use a really vanilla ~3650 pt defense team and get raided all the time, but there has to be those two who just love to give you cups. I’m lower platinum, can’t get out of, the loot sucks, but that is where RNG is god, whatever I try in the rest of the time seems meaningless.

I usually fall down to a 1950 and then after a day of me raiding end up being at about 2150+
I just go for ones I think I can kill to fill my chest.

Is it frustrating losing? Of course. But ultimately for me, i know it works the other way and I have had some amazing wins from ym defense due to [presumably] them having awful boards. My defense is about 3550 and i get attacked a lot by 4k+ so I always expect to sign on and have 100+ cups lost lol. So long as I stay within Platinum, I am fine and happy.

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This is why I don’t do raids anymore. I just revenge the players who defeat me and reroll enough to find someone I have a chance to beat just enough to keep me in the Diamond League and fill my box. I’m always paired with teams that are like 400 points or more than my defense team of 4200. Often the boards are consistently stuck and I feel like I’m being punished for raiding. “Luck” doesn’t make boards stick match after match and suddenly on rematch it’s diamond after diamond and a barrage of tiles on my side. I smell BULL :roll_eyes:. So I just don’t bother to raid anymore. It’s the same with tournaments basically. I’m just looking forward to season 3 and SH 24. Oh and the Hero Academy :wink:.

If you want to gain cups, I say reroll as much as possible. Provided you have 3 strong heroes of the same colour - you can reroll all the time and attack ONLY the teams that you can stack against (using your 3 heroes of the same colour). Just make sure you are going to win - don’t take chances. It takes lots of hams and may be frustrating, for it takes a while to get an ideal match up that you are sure to beat, but it works.

Also, you can try doing the same, but rerolling for the tank you can stack against AND teams that give you 40/50 cups - you’ll go up faster, providing you can beat those teams, which is based on luck and hella frustrating when you have to depend on pure luck 100% of the time to kill them.

That’s why I got fed up and am cupdropping now, at least I can fill my raid chest in one sitting, no need to reroll ten thousand times and worry about my defense.

By the way, cups don’t matter much - when you improve your hero roster, eventually you’ll rise in cups as well. Rewards for raid chests are crappy and unrewarding wherever you are so don’t sweat it.