Enjoy Telly while you can

I agree with Rag that tank diversity would be nice. I am however, part of the problem with an 18 talent Tell tank. I do think with time we will see less and less of her. My only complaint with Tell is that she is probably the hardest one to recover from if you have a bad board (and we ALL get those once in a while).

So Rag, until the natural progression of the game lead to less Tell tanks, in the words of the wise Hudson, suck it up princess.

(And all 3 of us are in the same alliance and consider ourselves friends, so that comment is made in good humor)


Absolutely :rofl::rofl:

Although, I did out of curiosity reroll my next 10 raid opponents, to see who the tank is and 7:10 were Telly. Hmmm…

I do find though, Telly tanks appear more often on the battlefield… 8:10.But that’s a discussion for a different thread :thinking:.


@Hudson88 :joy: :joy: :joy:

I would never expect you to bench your Telly, Hudson…she’s like, one of two good heroes you have, right? :laughing:

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TBH I would rather face telly than any other tank. I am a little burnt out on rebuilding my raid team over and over, so using the same team every time has been nice.


I took down my Telly team (no GV, I don’t have either) and put up this:

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Telly is still benched (read unlevelled).

My Defence Teams I have used for the past 3 months:

Will probably change again soon to maybe using Drake Fong as Tank… :man_shrugging: Mainly put yunan back in to see if he still performed well (he is doing very well lol)


Hey I am still rockin’ my Justice tank. Telly is so far benched she’s not even on my roster :rofl:


I’ve been using this team for a few weeks now. It keeps me in the diamond arena.


Certain people fought so hard to get Telly nerfed into uselessness, and just seeing it over and over and over on the forum was so annoying, that as soon as the nerf went through, I put Telly back in at tank and that’s where she’ll stay. Don’t blame me, don’t blame SG, blame the whiners who made such a fuss over it that I decided to put in Telly out of pure spite. :wink:

I had Vela at the time too, and I’ve since gotten GM in May Atlantis, so… boom. I found myself in Top 100 after filling a raid chest today, and I decided to burn all my raid flasks (4 of 'em) to try to make a push for #1. I got to #12 and then lost 6 in a row where I was super irritated the whole time. :slight_smile: Oh well, maybe someday. I’ve been to #2, but never the top spot.

I see a lot of Telly, and I use a lot of food on rerolls. I’m to the point where if I’m not using up lots of food, I’m going to have to push it all into a TC13 anyway.

Good gaming!


Yeah my second account has the gtv raid defense, got raided last night 13 times because i am around 2700 - won 10 of them with net gain of cups, so ummm…im keeping that defense


The problem is that emblems cost forbid you to be hazardous and try different set up. This is why variety can no longer be seen because it’s just to costful to switch from a set up to another…

That’s a shame. I believe emblems cost should be completely removed…


I think this is a great point: The nerf did not affect Telluria so much that was worth switching to another defense if you have a fully emblemed 5* defense. This was the predictable outcome of the rebalancing. The only thing that will change it is when they release a new tank that people think it’s worth switching to, or new people come up the ranks who never pulled Telluria.

Technically not true, that is my primary complaint. It really sucker punched those of us who wanted her as a healer. Didn’t actually care if she was a tank. Personally like to auto play difficult levels, because I have better things to do than burn flags every day. Telly was very good for that. Now she’s pretty useless for that.

So they nerfed her for everything EXCEPT being a tank. Worst possible outcome. Plus threw Vela under the bus on top of that for literally no reason. AND still somehow felt GM is perfectly fine.

A complete Seshat Show if you know what I mean. Shame on SG.

I’m firmly in camp #NoSpend


I was using her as a healer and I don’t really anymore, so I agree. I didn’t like that either. I’m just saying that it was impossible for the nerf to succeed: to make it worthwhile for players who had her emblemed to pay the resources to move emblems off her, they’d have had to make her so worthless that it would have spawned a massive backlash beyond what we’re seeing. So all they could have accomplished is what they did: they annoyed the players who liked Telluria while doing little to address the complaint that Telluria was too good and too ubiquitous among the defenses of top teams.

My point is that this won’t go away except with a replacement or it will fade out over time because Telluria is unobtainable now. Encouraging people to bench Telly on their raid defenses isn’t really going to do anything.

I wasn’t keen to participate in the first edition, but my Telly is benched on regular defense for quite a while now, mostly because she doesn’t keep the cup as high as before the nerf, and for me is really hard to notice much difference.

I also hate staleness with all my heart, and I just need to experiment and see what happens with different heroes. Even though with the emblems, despite having 30 maxed legendaries, I can only use about a third of them…

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When has diamond arena ever been original? First it was Guin, then Kunchen, then Ursena, and now Telly…and in few weeks it’ll be someone else. At least that has been my experience of defenses and hive mentality.

Most people tend to copy defenses that work instead of experimenting. Majority end up leveling and embleming heroes following tried and tested formulas…and I don’t blame them. Because when moving asc mats and emblems from one heroes to another isn’t an easy process, not many want to take up risks of unknown.


Don’t tell me the nerf didn’t work. I could easily hold over 2700 cups overnight pre nerf. Now I’m bumped down to low 2600 high 2500 every night post nerf. The same amount of cups with my Kunch tank. The same amount of cups with my Ursena tank. My Telly is +19 emblems. Why should I bother moving those emblems to a different tank and waste the food an iron?

That’s why you still see so many Tell tanks. There is LITERALLY no reason to change. At least pre nerf it was fun trying to stay over 2700 or stay in the top 100. All of the pitchforks ruined that.


It is what it is, and we’ll see Telly in top teams until she doesn’t hold cups as well as a new tank.

Changed the title to reflect the general shift in OP’s (me) outlook.

Fwiw as someone who has Telly and was lucky enough to pull GM during Atlantis but with no Vela and only 4 maxed 5* as of today (Telly+4, Ursena+6, GM+4, Lepus+3), my Telly defense hasn’t fared so well in AW since the nerf.

If you don’t have Vela and GM, you’re probably better off not using Telly as tank since people are now figuring out all sorts of ways around her. Hell just the other day, I made short work of a Telly+4 tank even after she fired once because the flanks were Thorne+3 (lol) and Sumitomo+10, and I didn’t even stack red! (used Rigs-cTibs-Proteus-cMel-Hansel).

Since I recently maxed out Ursena and hoarded almost 600 sorcerer emblems, I’m going to try running her as tank and put Telly at flank instead and see how turns out.

I just rerolled 21 straight times and got a Telly tank every time. 17 times with at least 18 emblems. It’s ridiculous.


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