Enjoy Telly while you can

This thread went all over the place, and was shut down post nerf.

I’m here to state the obvious. It needs to be resurrected, and #BenchTelly needs to gain traction again!

PLEASE I am NOT saying Telly is unbeatable. I’m NOT saying she needs further nerfing. I’m NOT asking to leave her out of a war defense.

I’m saying, and this is the big one here:


Please, show us your other heroes. You’ll probably still hold 2400+ cups…you can still fill your raid chests…please, just give us something besides GTV to fight


I’ll give you a bump.

After all that bad will they generated, they didn’t even fix the orig problem. It’s pretty pathetic.

They simply do not realize how massively overpowered the mana reduction is. So many raids and war fights are won/lost by a single tile, going one turn early, etc, having that huge penalty is too much.

Even fast heros that can clear it or block it, hell even very fast heroes like Grazul and Malosi, still are not enough.

Return Telly and Vela to their origional stats and just flat out remove the mana reduction.


Please … not again. We have all been there, we have all done that and we have all got the T-Shirt…


Being very blunt, the idea to voluntarily bench Telly is flat out ridiculous.

How would this ever help anything?

Don’t you understand Telluria is objectively strong. So when you ask people to voluntarily stop using her as a tank, it only means those people will fall down in rankings and the other Telluria users will rise up… and WOW you have the same issue, except you punish people with good intentions and reward people with bad intentions.

It’s a bad idea. Fix Telly correctly is the better idea.


This is a little bit complicated but try to follow along… When I’m not interested in a thread, I just don’t post in it. It’s an advanced technique I use, I know this forum has never heard of it but hopefully this revolutionary idea will catch on.


Well, the easiest way to get rid of all those Telly tanks is to fight and beat them over and over again…


I don’t think it’s a question of JGE not being interested in the thread; more a matter of disagreeing with the premise. As do I. (Anyway I’ve got a Telly on last ascension and as soon as she’s maxed she is damned well going into that defence team. And you can reroll past her as often as you like. That’s what you do when you’re not interested in fighting someone, right?)


Literally her post says it’s not worth talking about, trying to shut down a perfectly legitimate conversation.

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I would say maybe 9/10 of my matches on raids are Telluria tanks, the exact problem that the nerfs was supposed to fix, and the reason the other thread died, but @Raghadorn makes a valid point enough to bring up the topic again and I think it’s fair.

Hell yea it is.

Not if she’s objectively the best tank, what you’re describing is already happening probably 1000 times a minute and still Telluria reigns supreme. I think this is already tested and debunked to the extreme degree that’s possible.

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Did you actually read all the posts about Telluria and Vela and rebalancing? I did. Did you understand how negative and toxic it all became? I did.
Now we all have an opinion. And I am a firm believer in free speech.
Now from my point of view SG did fix Telluria. And In my opinion they did a decent job in the circumstances.
Telluria is a great tank. But she is in my opinion now one of a group of top tanks In the game.
Now I raid in Diamond and I have to say that the majority of tanks over the last seven days have been Kunchen, Aegir and Ursena. I haven’t seen Black Knight, Yunan or Guinevere or Boss Wolf.
There has been Gravemaker, Jean-Francois, Santa and even Neith.
And believe it or not I came across Telluria just 3 times.
And in the last war the opponents used blue tanks. And if I remember correctly about 5 had Telluria in flank.


I’m actually seeing more diversity in tanks when raiding after Telly & Vela have been rebalanced in diamond. :thinking:.


This is trivially debunked, just go look at the top list. This shouldn’t be an argument because it’s nonsense, you can disprove it in a few seconds.

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Well first of all she is a he … but never mind
Secondly I wasn’t and wouldn’t try to shut down the thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and have their say in the forum.
What I was getting at, in possibly a clumsy way, was that I don’t agree that Telluria needs another nerf. The problem was fixed quite well by SG given the circumstances


Nerf Khagan!!!

(I’m here to help)


Rerolled 5 times… You were saying?


If holding 2400 cups isn’t going to happen for your team w/out Telly, please by all means leave her as your tank.

If holding as high of a cup count as possible is an important point for you, look no further than Telly.

If you love Telly and she makes you happy and you always want her out front, do it!

If being an active part of restoring diversity to a fun part of the game is meaningful to you, #BenchTelly.

It’s not a call to arms or demand for change from SG. It’s a simple ask of players with rosters that can support it, to use something else. For the team.



I’d be thrilled with that selection, honestly. If things start looking more like that, I’ll never #benchtelly again. It just hasn’t been my experience YET.


I agree she doesn’t need further nerfing, but it’s obvious the previous nerf was a complete failure to achieve what it was supposed to. What’s the point of the “balancing” if it doesn’t even work?

The mana reduction is the problem. Take a minute and think about how difficult it is, how much effort is required to obtain an extra +2% or +4% mana gain, you train troops up forever, hoping finally reach that sweet 23 breakpoint, or 29 breakpoint, or you save and save emblems trying to reach that 2% so you can go just one turn early, one TILE early, it’s that powerful…

Why do most people go with mana troops? Just for that one tile advantage. People made decisions years ago to get that one tile advantage.

And now here is gd Telluria, taking that way in a blink. Not just here or there, in almost every single raid now. :roll_eyes:

Nice try, show your cups.

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I feel this deep in my heart, friend. They tried, they enraged, they didn’t deliver. :man_facepalming:

But it is what it is now, so I’m trying to have fun w/ it.

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I’m not sure of the point you’re trying to make @Carl.
Sorry @Raghadorn are we still on topic, just answering a question.


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