Enjoy E&P? Check out Dator & UCLA!

I love joining the stream with these two! If you enjoy watching gameplay vids, you should definately check them out! This was their latest stream, and will be doing another in a few hours! Come join the fun! @Dator @Uclapack @Roxy


Great stream!! Always love a good E&P Stream, i know you mentioned that the output is forced 480, but it would be super helpful to get the 1080p figured out, its hard to see any text.

Love to see how the wars work with the big alliances!!

That’s me! Haha thanks. We try to have fun but also share some knowledge with maybe a little bit of datorluck. Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the shoutout @Slickers111!
I’m always looking to improve my stream. I just updated my output to 720p. This is a new streaming set up I’m working out a few bugs.

Thanks again slickers!


@Dator @Uclapack Hey! Wondering if u guys gonna go for the top on the new event ? :slight_smile:

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Haven’t really talked about it much but we should have a couple event runs on stream :slight_smile:


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