🔐 Enigmo - 5* Nature/ Green from Black Friday Secret Hero

To quote a wise user here on the forum: „a myztero with six ailments is dead.“

And dead heroes have no minions.

If I have to pair Enigmo with family members that follow a not fully thought out concept, the additional slots for memorizing do not make up for this. And what can a third hero in this Family bring to the table to turn this weakness around? Memorizing passives?

The fact that the skills of this family need the enemy to fire first, is going to be their downfall, no matter the family bonus.

In this meta, a good team overpowers these secret heroes before their memory slots are filled and they are ready to fire.


it is true that these Mystery Family heroes need opponents to fire first, but the reality of gameplay is that a good portion of the time, some (if not all) opponents will fire first even if you were to take a rainbow attack of Very Fast heroes to battle. you, as a player, can attempt to combat that reality in many different ways, and Enigmo (or ailment blockers or cleansers or Myztero or Elradir or revivers or what have you) is just one of the ways to react.

a good team overpowers many different kinds of teams, even with favorable boards. you don’t have to like the heroes, and it’s fair to argue that they could use a buff, but a comment like

betrays a lack of imagination. (to be fair, the real problem is SG and their utter contempt for “balance.”)

Another idea to get him up to par with his rarity would be to keep him as is, but add immunity for 4 turns which can’t be dispelled and keep him at average speed.

I still strongly think he needs to summon a base Minion for all Allies if he hasn’t memorized a minion from the enemy with at least 30% of the caster’s HP. He actually would make a great tank at this point and be useful.



I have him at 3/70 (lacking materials)

I used him in raids against M&M and after copy he can summon the cats for every ally (not only 3 just like M&M)

With the right team he can be really useful

I’m liking using him


Buff Enigmo! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


You are shameless @JAWS_3D :rofl:

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If you want to request a buff, you could create a Topic under the Ideas & Feature Requests: Hero Balance Category. There isn’t one for Enigmo at this time

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@PlayForFun can we get a balance update for Enigmo?


I second the balance update discussion. I have 4 of them sitting at 1.1!


Here is the Balance discussion topic for Enigmo: