🔐 Enigmo - 5* Nature/ Green from Black Friday Secret Hero

Yes, that’s correct, I was using it as an example that secret heroes do come as a bonus draw, this is from the Tavern. Sorry if I confused someone :upside_down_face:


He seems like a slight better Version of Telli with better Stats but conditional Minions. Jack of all trades with low damage, low heal and only one slot to memorize minions.

Balance is again all over the place and this guy feels terrible weak at average speed tbh. Ofc it’s the one I’m getting … hahaha


I think that Myztero isn’t included in this portal at all.

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That’s interesting, as the Black Friday thread lists Myztero as an available hero (part of the 252 total count) :thinking:

That’s odd because I pulled Myztero during the solstice event as a regular summon. Can anyone confirm if they have pulled Myztero this event?

Just got him from the Black Friday draw.

How good is he?

Without seeing him in action, and just based on my 4 years of experience in the game, I’d rate him B-. He’s not terrible but not amazing either. However, he’d definitely be one of the more fun heroes to play on offense when paired with a strong minion summoner and against a strong fiend summoner (for instance Lu Bu)! :slight_smile:


That’s what I thought. I will use him in alliance wars. Thanks. :grinning:

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He looks like such a happy little guy… adorable awesomeness right there. Seriously just looking at this guy makes me smile inside :relaxed:

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@Rayy you do not need to pair him with a strong minion summoner since he copies the minions and fiends of your enemy, not yours:

„This character has innate ability to Memorize any Minion or Fiend summoned by enemies’ Special Skills. The latest Minion and Fiend that enemies summon will stay memorized until the Special Skill is cast.“

Consider that extreme few will have this hero, the name if hero, being secret and very cute pokemon look alike hero…why average?
She should have 2 (2+2) slots at average or 1 (1+1) slot if she was fast.

She should have at least more def/health?

But since it took several years to do a small update to her brother, I don’t expect any improvements.

Happy gaming


This character is VERY weak for its rarity. Very disappointed on pulling him and likely won’t ever use in his current state .

They need to buff buff his heal, damage and add cleanse to match his level of rarity.

If he stays as is, then his speed needs to get bumped to very fast or at least fast.

He should be able to memorize 2 fiends / minions just as is; 1 is pretty weak. Or he should have an innate minion that’s summoned that’s *one of the best in game for all allies if the opponent hasn’t summoned a minion or fiend.

Another option, to make him noteworthy or *unique would be that all fiends and minions summoned by him can’t be dispelled.

Again, for as rare and unique as this hero is supposed to be - he’s pretty bland and not worth using.


Lucky pull!

Trying to decide how I would use him in a party or if his healing alone is enough. A cleanse would’ve been nice. As he stands now, not sure I’d use him without a cleanse


It’s like this idea came to them a year ago and they released it as is. He’s just not properly matched to the current meta This hero needs an overhaul big time.


Does 2 Enigmos will activete the family bonus or it must be all the unique caracters?
I have pulled out 2 of them :slight_smile:

Family bonus requires different family members to activitate. Or the hero together with his costumed version

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sad… but tnx for answering)


I have a similar issue with Alucar but I just wait until they summon minions then fire.

Last shot at the portal before I start saving for my next hearts desire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations to those who have been lucky enough to get this most happy little guy!


I think people are forgetting the family bonus adds slots to memorization, hence why only 1 slot.
Once there are at least 3 of these secret heroes out there, he will have 3 slots when paired with the other 2. Each hero only has 3 minion/fiend slots to be on them so at 3 heroes in this family he is at maximum and anything beyond that is just erasing some of them.