🔐 Enigmo - 5* Nature/ Green from Black Friday Secret Hero

Its 0.1% on s single pull but not on a ten pull. But its still not 1.65% on a ten pull so its definitely not right.


It wasn’t updated above, so is this a nerf or a bug?

Pleased egg owners, I want videos showing him in action

This egg is very cute

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I can’t be 100% sure but I doubt a bug would reduce two parameters a small amount. I just finished ascending him(?) and his other parameters are as stated from beta

I’ll try to test him after I give him emblems


If this guy can memorize both minions and fiends, Myztero should memorize both buffs and status effects.


Sounds like a fun hero to play with. If you also have Mystero these two heroes will really be such a different weird combo instead of the regular rehash of specials. Dont know how good he is overall but nice to see different mechanics.

Thx for posting the 4/80 version of him :slight_smile:

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I think the odds to get him are incorrect because I pulled him in a regular 10 pull and he was NOT a bonus draw.

It’s a secret hero not an HotM. He has 1/1000 chance to be pulled just like any regular hero only much less chance of it. It counts as a regular pull. 0.1% chance to pull is 0.1 of 100 or 1 chance in 1000 lol.

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RNG in this game is really weird sometimes. I made quite a few (too many) pulls during the day and got a few dupes and then this happened last night.

I’ll max the green weirdo because I have 12 tonics and think his special could be fun.


i suppose that is the best 10 pull of the game in this year


I got him in a 10-pull as a bonus draw.


Not really; Myztero is also a secret hero and comes as a bonus draw….he has a point there.


And that’s not supposed to happen. Myztero isn’t supposed to be a bonus draw. He’s supposed to be a regular hero in this portal. I think they programmed this portal wrong. Enigmo appears to be available as both a regular pull and as a bonus. I’m not sure why myztero is a bonus draw, but I don’t think he’s supposed to be.

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That’s correct and Myztero isn’t a bonus draw in this portal. I believe the screenshot above is from a different portal (given there’s a S1 hero summoned) as they were just using this as an example, but Myztero is just a regular hero in this portal :sweat_smile:


Ah, I hadn’t even noticed that. Lol


Also there are a clock and wireless status top screen (iOS)… don‘t know about the others but mine are gone since the last update. Might be another indication that the screenshot is older.

My Enigmo was a bonus draw by the way. Not sure if I should level him in his current state. I still hope for a little buff or tweak to this hero. Might be a waste otherwise, given I have better greens. On the other hand, none of them summon minions or fiends, so…

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Can anyone who has Enigmo post the full art ( not the card ) please. Preferably from a tablet or iPad so i can see the full art? I have him but the art cuts off on my phone

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Hope this works for you… from an iPhone 11… don’t have a tablet nearby.