since this landfill is loosely based on fantasy and some folklore. (for the lack of better words)… when a hero dies, whether your hero or the opponents, so does their respective mana enhancements (HP gains, defense, riposte, etc…) … these should be lasting as long as the original caster remains in play… basically when a hero dies, their mana power is also removed from remaining heroes… (this idea came about from a tv show, The Originals… when a witch casts a spell, and that witch dies, so does the spell and all effected by the spell)

Read Guardian Gazelle’s thread.

And you are right. This is a fantasy game. Anything goes to the devs brain.

The idea(s) for this game did not come from a TV show, and therefore do not necessarily switch off when a hero dies. Depending on hero. Your mileage may vary. :wink:

There are heroes who work that way, such as Morgan leFay. She was possibly the “original” witch in popular folklore stories so perhaps they took that into account when designing her?

the idea for me to bring it up came from a tv show…tho it may not be original altogether… so YES IT DID

it should be ALL HEROES… the lingering effects, when a hero dies, is a buzzkill… but it needs to work with both sides

Just because you have a view that things should work that way doesn’t mean that’s the way the game designers intend it to work.

It would for example make Jean Francois inherently less powerful as all he does is cast status effects - if he then dies immediately he loses all impact.

So therefore it makes damage now even more powerful, like snipers or ursena, and damage later less powerful, and this would effect balance

Just because it suits a certain narrative desire doesn’t mean it is how it should be

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I like the idea of my magic caster firing a spell just before death to try and assist his/her fellow heroes.

It feels heroic to me…

The battle was reaching a critical moment and all the combatants could feel it. As Melandor the White chanted the words needed to cast his health regeneration spell he looked across at the enemy Ranger. Their eyes locked together and the world around him slowed almost to a stop. The Ranger took aim and determined not to die in vain he held his staff up and uttered the last syllables needed to unleash his healing fog. As it spread out from his staff he watched the arrow leave the bow. As those around him started to glow he closed his eyes. He hoped his last dying act would be enough to aid his companions to victory


Now that is story telling! I love it

You can make the narrative work either way, it seems

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It sounds awfully like a number of campaigns in D&D (1974) which were played out long before The Originals (2013). The idea of a spell-caster’s death cutting short his spell does not sound in the least unfamiliar, but I can’t find you an example with a date on it, so I’ll concede the point. :grin:

I agree however with @Infinite: The makers of this game are not constrained by rules in other fantasy universes.

never said they were… never said it was new idea… and I’m not going to take the time to search thru this lame forum, just to figure out if something has already been posted

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