Enhanced random generator!

Enhanced random generator!
You need to enhance the RNG so it really gives you boards that are random. Several players including myself have seen that when we try to raid players that we know spend a lot of money on the game, then we get boards that are un playable, nothing match and we can’t even get to the point where we can trigger our heroes before we are dead.
So, if you want to continue to destroy the gameplay by favoring those players instead of have a real RNG, then I recommend you to start developing your next game as people will stop playing this game!

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Plain text:
You’re imagining things.
Boards are random.
People that spend generally have better heros/troops.
Your bad boards “feel” worse and more abundant than they are.

Take a breather. Evaluate the board. Evaluate your heros. Rinse and repeat.


Brother this is the global conspiracy been made among years by freemasons. Bad boads to any one get a freemason player on raids.
I BLAME illumaniti. :love_you_gesture:t3:

I don’t complain that I loose, I complain about the randomness of the RNG! Statistically, if it’s really random, then normally you see about a 15-25% drop rate of each color (5 colors), but against players that we know spend large amounts of money the drop rate turns to 35-40% in 1-2 colors and 2-3% in the colors we need!?

I just stacked 3 blue and 2 green, when I died my blue heroes were unchanged (0% charged) and my green heroes were charged about 50%, there were 3 blue and 8 green tiles on the table when I died… I even cracked the jewels in yellow and red to clear the board a few times and still I got no more blue or green tiles. Basically I had the same result 3 rounds against this 7D player and I see the same result every day against other 7D players.

So, I complain as the drop rate normally fluctuate between 15-25%, but it gets statistically screwed when you get a 1-2% drop rate in one color and 35-50% in other colors (against certain players…) as there is then something wrong with the randomness of the RNG!!!

Make your case with pictures/videos showing the statistical soundness of your claim.

I do understand your frustration, I just dont share your experience or conviction in this matter.