Enhanced hero card library

I’m currently working on an enhanced hero card library for our Discord server. The current layout for 5* heroes is below:

All of the 5* heroes are done, for maxed stats. I’m working my way now through adding the 3/70 stats, as shown above. (Anyone have 3/70 stats for Atomos?)

Work on 4* heroes will begin as soon as I’m done updating the 5s, making it fairly easy to compare which heroes you’d like to ascend to 70. My plans are to show what items are needed by 4-5* for their 3rd and 4th tiers, but only top tier for 3*. Basically, the library is geared towards those dipping their toe in TC20 and above.

Does anyone else have thoughts on what information you’d like to see a hero card contain? I’m going to stick with this layout for this round of additions, and then take the suggestions given for updating the look on round 2.

By the way, if you’d like to use said library, our Discord server is https://discord.gg/g89XWHR

(Mods: this is the first time I’ve started a project for the community. If the post should be edited or moved, let me know. Be happy to oblige where possible.)


Looks GREAT…

Great idea! And this is an excellent mix of information to have in one place.

When you’re done with these, I’d be interested in helping to make a Forum version of the library if you’re willing to have them posted here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t have 3-70 stats for Atomos, but I’ll keep an eye out for them.


Ask and you shall receive. Is there anything else you need?


I’d be happy to :). I think it makes it easier for all involved… until they change a stat and make me redo them all :rofl:


This is great! Thank you :slight_smile:. I think I have the rest of the 5s, so far. But I’ll post in case I run across a hiccup. Again, thanks so much.

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No problem. Again, let me know. I’m close to having all 5*. Only missing 6 in total, so I’ll help where i can

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This looks both fun and useful! While you’re collecting data, here in #general-discussion makes sense. If you decide to post the results to the forum, that would go in #player-guides.


One suggestion: Could you add the particular month for the Hotm?

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Sure. Let me look to add that to the next phase. Since it only affects 5*, it should be easier to implement.

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Great work after all. How is this accessable? Simply via browser?

Thx for your effort.

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Browser link would be highly appreciated

Great work.

Another vote for a forum version as and when possible.

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Just making sure: how would you mean a browser link? These are (currently, at least) jpegs, so no clickable content. I’m not saying no, mind, but curious what sort of browser link may be desired.

I currently have them in our Discord server only. Once I have the collection complete, I can sort through with the moderators the best way to present it in the Players Guide section :slight_smile:

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What is discord? Kind of a messenger? Sry I don’t know it.

Thx, Viking

Yes, like Line. Both are apps, with different strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I see Line as a networking tool to find other people, and Discord as an organizational tool for individual alliances/branches. It’s better discussed here:

A number of Discord servers have their own self-made hero library card, in one form or another. Our players (and guests) were always having to refer back to a few bits of information that the regular in-game cards don’t offer. It’s an idea I’m perking up once I finish the Discord library. I’ll post a link to that when I’ve made it :slight_smile:

Hey, I know you :wink:

Lumi did a great job on this, it is an invaluable tool. Huge congrats on this project.

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