Enhance quests - choose dificulty

I think there are already some similar requests.

Problem: quests like “scavenge ressources” “find battle items” are somewhat easy and give only small loot.
It would be nice that you could choose the dificulty for increased loot.
You could choose from 3 difficulties “normal” “advanced” “hard” …each step the tp increases by some value e.g. +500 and gives the same loot again.Each level can only played once.

Example: “find crafting items” first stage
Normal tp 2500 2 bones 2 clean cloth
Advanced tp 3000 4 bones 4 clean cloth
Hard tp 3500 6 bones 6 clean cloth

Choose dificulty before playing.Only one dificulty can be played.

May be the numbers need to be adjusted but I think you got my idea.

Thx 4 listening