English Beer Reformed are recruiting active enthusiastic players of all levels

English beer is a well established alliance with great members and awesome team play. We reformed after a merger and other much loved members left due to real life commitments. You don’t have to be the biggest hitters. We just ask you use all war flags and give the titan a slap if you’re in game. We understand if you have personal stuff stopping you but you still only get 3 warnings to make it fair on those that give 100%
We are very open to supporting new players grow and we have good chat and banter be it in game or on line or via our fb messenger group. Come and join us and let’s grow together as the world finds its new feet!find us on line: search Pamminess or English Beer recruitment

Has to be said that we’re chatty adults, we’re happy to support developing player but also really happy for seasoned players to join too. Just be aware that We Are Family

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