Energy coins!

Putting some effort into season 3 now and just had an epiphany of what i would love to have.

Energy coins!

A little token worth a small amount of world energy to use to top off the amount of world energy so that i dont have to wait 40 mins or waste 7energy to keep going.

At my lvl i have 50 WE, S3 on hard cost 11WE that leaves 6WE and given it takes a 10min to storm thru 4xhard S3 i am stuck with 7WE.

7WE is 40mins away from doing another run.

I could drink a flask an get 50new WE but that would waste the 7WE i already had and it would leave me at 39WE after the hard S3 map, forcing me to continue playing… ending up at 7WE again… you get the picture?

So as a reward, or craftable in HL,AL or forge or even purchaseable with gems it would be swell with a small amount energy coin to cash in for 1,2 or 5WE… just to round things up and reduce annoyance factors ingame.

I realise this probably is the 10”000th time this idea comes up and that ir probably belong in a different thread, but im sure some friendly mod could move it to the proper place :smiley:

I have seen somthing similar the idea was using gems to speed up your world energy so say you have 7 flags left you can use x amount of gems to get you to 11.

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