Energies do not refill when next account level reached

Just reached level 48. Energies did not refill. Same happened with my fellow’s account couple of days ago.

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When you get into the later stages of levelling up some levels you don’t receive an extra world energy flag. But all your energy should 100% refill back up once your player level has levelled up.

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If I understand your post, it’s the ENERGY that did not refill, when you reached level 48, correct?

Maybe it refilled but you already had World Energy (Red flag), Raid Energy (blue flag) and Titan Energy (purple flag) filled or close to full (so, it might have only appeared to “not” refill)?

Also, This is different from gaining extra energy that @jqhosko mentioned.

If you didn’t get World Energy+Raid Energy +Titan Energy refilled, then I suggest submitting a report using the below steps:

And here’s a visual chart courtesy of @MuadDib

I also included a couple of our moderators (mods): @JonahTheBard @Dudeious.Maximus in case I got it wrong/they have better insights/something to add…

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How many world energy flags do you have now? At level 48, there should be 40 of them. Check it out. Or did I misunderstand you?

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Thx, Kerrang. Went the wrong way :wink: Did it the right way.

The problem is indeed with refill when reaching new level. Meaning you are supposed to have 40/40. There also wasn’t any pop-up etc.

Thx Arktika for that screenshot too. When beginning this thread I had them at 39. Now I have 40. Probably after logging out and in. But still no refill. Looking buggy.

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