Enemy Within – Remove Wilbur's Shared Damage from Enemies, and Mok-Arr's Damage to Allies

I fail understand why this two characters Wilbur & Mok-Arr are fighting for both sides. Mok-Arr does 80% damage to his team whenever he uses his black tide, and Wilbur helps the other side by giving them shared damage at the same time he does his team. Aren’t the heroes supposed to be fighting for one side rather than the other in order to get the upper hand? I recall being given Mok-Arr when I first started playing the game and later I had to get rid of him after all the work I had done to max him up and Wilbur, the only thing he was good for was feeding my other heroes. Why not take away these discrepancies that way perhaps they’ll be more useful than useless. No wonder anyone keeps them.

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Both are very tricky heroes to use.

Personally I use Wilbur ‘s enemy spirit link to deal with an enemy in each corner and a Boss with two mobs.

A very good friend uses Mok in all purple teams.

This is the most devious use.


Wilbur lowers their defense and makes them all suffer. Once you learn how to use this ability, you will love it. Let’s say you have a strong single target attacker like Lianna. A lot of the times she overkills an enemy. When she gets her attack boosted, she’s very deadly. Now imagine you get this huge attack and distribute it across all enemies. You get a chance to kill several enemies with one shot, or at least seriously damage them.

I can’t say much for Mok-Arr, don’t have him

Wilbur a great hero as is, you just have to get used to using him. If you find his shared damage is an issue, bring along a debuffer to follow him so you get the benefit of his damage, without the share. He’s fun to pair with Wu though too, fire Wilbur, follow with Wu, then make a few combos and watch the entire other team melt away.

Mok-Arr is more limited, but I use him as part of a mono purple team against Guin Tanks with good success. He hits all enemies pretty hard, and with avg. speed can be very useful. There maybe others, but I think he’s one of the few with average speed that hits all enemies hard. He gets more hate here than I think deserved. I don’t mind having and using him this way at all.


Wilbur giving spirit link to enemies is hilarious. It’s great fun to kill the entire enemy team with 3 red tiles into a green defender. That’s with a mono red team tho which judging by your complaint about mok-ar, you don’t use mono teams. I think mok-ar is fine the way he is.

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If they touch Wilbur, it would make the Yellow Vest protests look like a non violent sit in by comparison …

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Well i am happy with Wilburs Damage deal. Especially at raids if you hit with counter color to an enemy every hero share high end damage. It is an advantage most of the time. But Mok-Arr no comment. I saw 2 or 3 people have it already leveled.

If you remove them, they will be OP. Basically, Wilbur give enemies beneficial buff (synchronization) and Mok-Arr attack allies are to make their ultra-powerfull skills have weakness. As some others said, this weakness can be negated even exploited albeit tricky.

It is like asking to remove Wu Kong’s miss…

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With Wilbur carry someone with debuff after you use his special use there’s the enemy reduced protection remains but the shared damage is removed as it is a buff so using Wilbur you have to use strategy guess they were going for that… But they fised aegir so they should fix him too

It might negate your other heroes who only hit one enemy because it split the damage but it might benefit those who hit all five enemies as 5/5 is still one and strong defense hero will be damaged more because of weaker hero sharing the damage.

They won’t. Aegir before buff is worthless but Wilbur in its current state is a very important hero.

Leave Wilbur as he is, changing Mok-Arr is fine with me.

When i first started using Wilbur i just couldnt understand why sometimes my team did great and other times it was like my heroes were just exploding. I went to the forum and found some great articles regarding how to use him.

I studied it like I was cramming for final exams! I took him on raids, I paired him with difference heroes and I agree, once you know how to use him correctly, you will love him!

It’s a good thing he’s only a character in the game. I talk so much about Wilbur my husband looks at me funny :grin:


Combined him with wu Kong and it’s like there is no miss… The damage still reaches the missed targets

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Wu Kong can cause Wilbur’s skill to miss, be sure to fire Wilbur first.


Wilbur is an amazing hero, it’s just about timing when you use him and selection when attacking your opponents, hit those with the poorest defensive numbers to maximize damage and if possible wait until you have a few heroes special abilities ready to use


I love Wilbur but it took a lot of studying and practicing how to use him properly. This is the guide I used and it made a HUGE difference.

EDIT: I see I wasn’t the first player to post that thread but it’s worth repeating!


I find Wilbur’s shared damage wery helpful most of the time. It’s great for finishing several week heroes at once. When it its not needed I dispel it .

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Darn… that’s like one of the worst possible mistakes to make… I really hope you were kidding…


Exactly. Three heroes with 200 hp left each on different sides of the board can be killed with one Magni shot. That’s amazing.

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