Enemy skills energy in raids and AW

So while fighting AW I had the worst boards you could imagine. 5 turns with only one option of attack, no combos. Unfortunately the majority of the hits landed on the lead enemy who is usually a tank. This proves to be a problem as this hero is now fully powered and my heros are barely powered. No previous topic found

I would suggest that the opposing players defense gain mana equal to the tiles u have matched based on color. So, if u hit that tank which we will call red, with 3 attacks of yellow, the tank receives no skill generation. However, let’s say the enemy has bane. Bane who is yellow would receive 9 mana.

Doing this would add another layer of strategy to the game. First, you could try avoiding using certain tiles. However, that would be really hard with any combos generated. Second, if the enemy is missing a colored hero, no mana is gained.

Is this because you limited your team to only a few colours?

Colour stacking is a powerful but risky strategy.

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No, actually for raids and AW I’ve kept rainbow teams in 6 slots. I literally had a bad run this last war were the enemy supers built way before mine. And it’s not like the board gave me option of matching a similar color to fill even a ‘fast’ hero. It was more like ok, select blue… um were next attack? Oh there only a yellow. Also means that the tiles are at the bottom of the board. Sure it’s happened to alot of players. Even if I stacked the board was evil and I still wouldn’t have gotten my skills up in time.

Furthermore, people have noticed that certain times the game disfavors one color, especially when healers are present. Once again noticed by many players.

I would like to see, even if an event for trial run, how it would play out if red matches only powered red on both sides. If I get a major combo move, the enemy will still power up quickly. Right now, I think every move gives an enemy hero a small small mana increase even if you dont hit them. Lmk what u think.

Man, that sounds rough.

That’s certainly true.

Currently, I am confident that the vast majority of us win most of our offensive raids and as such, I wouldn’t want offense to have any more advantage.

In war, the balance is adjusted with the war bonus which does exacerbate bad boards.

Personally, I like the war bonus as it differentiates war fights from raids but it does present a dilemma - should you fight teams that you would in raids and risk a higher loss rate? Or fight easier teams than normal and maintain your win rate?

I certainly don’t see any specific bias against any particular type of hero. I tend to think that we notice bad results more, but I’d be interested to see any data on the subject.

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