Enemy raid- no revenge option

I’ve been raid by this player 2 times in a row with no option to revenge. It doesn’t look like I’ve raided him and this was his revenge. Is this CHEATING?


This shows that you tried to revenge him and lost, I believe

Edit. Standby… it’s a bit early still :coffee:


You’ve actually been raided by them 3 times in total. The first two attempts s/he LOST (hence the positive cup gain to you).

Then on the third attempt they overcame your defence, resulting in the loss. This loss is the one that you were able to (successfully) revenge.

Nope, not in the slightest. Every raid you lose there are two options that are displayed; “Retry” and “Next”

If you hit the “Retry” button, you can have another attempt at the enemy defence team… You can “retry” a raid a total of 3 times.


That’s the ticket :grin:

Thanks @Guvnor


Not necessarily… might have lost all three attempts. The revenge button will also become inactive if that’s the case.

Fair enough; not sure that it changes to “revenged” tho does it?

If they had lost all 3, wouldn’t it show a positive cup gain on all 3 attacks though? Third attempt shows negative, indicating a loss

The unavailable “Revenged” button suggests that the OP then did carry out a revenge for the third, successful attack. Are they saying this didn’t happen?

Not 100% sure either, but I believe it does. I happen to be as stuborn as a mule, when it comes to revenge, so I always revenge even knowing I’ll lose all three (and I did a few times). I just wait for the right moment when my cups are low and the enemy’s high and I need kills for the chest.

What the screenshot shows is the attacks of the enemy (two lost and one won). There are no revenge attempts by the player shown, so what we can be 100% sure is that the player attempted an unknown number of revenge runs and either a) won one one of them or b) lost all three. There’s no way of knowing which option is correct from the picture he posted. Unless Guv is right and the inactive revenge button is different for succeding or failing the revenge.


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