Enemy Raid Damage


There have been a number of thread regarding the fairness of raids. I’d like to point out the most unbalanced part of raids is the absurd and consistent amount of damage the enemy team does to your lineup. The enemy team’s heroes do max damage against all of your team’s colors regardless of the defenders colors. For example, I recently came upon an enemy team with about the same attack strength as me, that had 3 light and 3 dark characters on the defending side. My side was evenly split with one of each color on attack. I was unlucky and only rolled a handful of dark and light tiles at the start, and was left pitifully hitting the enemy team for approximately 50 damage per volley. Meanwhile, their light and dark players can hit my green/red/blue etc for 150-250 damage per attack without any buffs or debuffs.

I understand the AI needs a boost against a human player, but these sort of gimmick team compositions shouldn’t be able to bypass the core rules of the game. Its beyond frustrating to watch a blue enemy hit your green attacker for 3x-5x more than what you’re able to do to them when the shoe is on the other foot.

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