Enemy heroes powering up in raids without hits

Last night and this morning, I’ve been losing hard repeatedly to the same teams during revenge, even though according to the cups win/lose ratio the odds were supposed to be fairly even. I started paying closer attention and then noticed three separate times where an enemy team’s hero suddenly fully powered up their special without their mana having reached final activation through being hit. This has caused major losses to cups it took me weeks to build, and weekens my already dubious trust in the raids (not the first time I’ve seen inexplicable losses/wins.) It just happened again demonstrably at 7:34 CT (US) and I don’t feel like it’s even worth playing at this rate if the basic rules of gameplay don’t apply.

Enemies in raids and war always build mana every turn at a slow rate, even if they’re never hit with tiles at all. Hitting them with tiles gives additional mana at a faster rate, but even without that they will charge and fire their specials.

That’s not new, but it’s good you’ve noticed so you can work on your strategy! :slight_smile:


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