Enemy hero attacks 2-4x in a row!

When in raids. I attack either someone of similar power. Higher and lower, and 1 character will attack 2-4 times in a row. Ive lost 10 times in a row! Went from almost 1700 trophies to 1500 and going under. Why!?

Ive watched one of my oponents characters attack more than 3 times in a row on 1 of my characters and demolished them. How and why?? I don’t see anything in documentation about that. Its annoying and quite dissapointing. Been playing this game for quite awhile now. Amd sank a lot of money into this game. (I never do that, but this game to my interest) and now I just want to cut my loss and not pay for the gems each month and delete this game. It seriously disheartens me that I can go on a losing streak for no reason when i should be able to beat my oponents.

Like one time I spent a good time on attacking my opponent, had 1 character left and I think 30? Turns got boosted attack and still lost.

Anyone else experiance this? Or am I just on a bad luck streak???


If you mean that an opponent hero attached every or every second roud: yes. I was wondering as well. I have read that the attacks depend on if a hero has slow, average or fast mana. I think that also the amount of gems you combined on your board counts somehow but I could not find a documentary either…Just had a Liu Xu attached nearly every round :cry:

The special firing depends on that yes. But slash attack come at certain intervals (you can see when each hero is going to strike be the number next to their health bar).
About gems giving enemy mana, here is some discussion about it:


thank you for that. Now it makes sence. The hero was standing in the middle and for sure was hitten most hence the mana was full so quick…

Not talking about mana. I know how the battle works. However, let’s say Leonidas on opposite teams turn to attack. He will attack twice in a row. Sometimes 4 times in a row. I mean like this.

My turn: match Gems. Ends turn.

Enemies turn: Leonidas. Attack, attack, attack.

My turn: match Gems. Ends turn.

Enemies turn. (Sake of names) Leonidas charged attack. Normal attack attack. Then tye other 4 characters attack. And I’m dead.

Dont even really get to attack or charge up mana. I was at 1678. Went down to 1200. Finally win once I started attacking 2700 power and I’m 3315.

It seems there is an unfair advantage in this game.

Like I said in OP ive been playing this a long time. Level 25 almost 26. Ive got my base at 20. Almost all buildings to 20. Got 3 five star hero’s and 2 4 star heroes. Max level 70 on almost all of them. I created my alliance for my clan members on a forum 224d ago and after spending quite a bit for gems to get better heroes. (Lotta 3 star heroes than anything. Lol) and the game has to cheat? :confused: I figured I should be able to at least get 50/50 win/loss. Not 5/95 win/loss…

could you get a video of this? never seen anything like that happening. Are you sure it’s not just multiple other enemies attacking?

My phone is a but old and slows down when using a screen recorder. No its not other characters. They move when they attack and i notice 1 character move 2-4 times, then the rest of the characters will attack.

Well, then the only option is a bug report

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It’s not bad luck , the game cheats, your thread title says so!


This is true. Haha.

And alright. I’ll have a message with them. Thanks everyone.

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Please let me know the outcome of this. I will prolly change your thread title as it violates Forum Rules. :slight_smile:

Well… I mean… Thats what’s happening. Its not a lie or slander to the game or company. Its more so an NPC not working right. And cheating to attack more than once. There is no way around that. Ive played A list games that cheat the user that wasnt meant to do it. But hey. It happens. Ive emailed them awhile ago. No response yet. I apologize if the title is against the rules. But I call it as I see it. As a hardcore gamer, console, PC and phone. As a YouTube/Twitch streamer. I am gonna call out flaws in a game. I love this game to death and recommended it to many people who now play. But, the glitches need to be fixed. :confused:

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If you can tape it doing so, that’s really helpful (I know not everyone has an app for that), because I’ve never encountered it, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t.

Absolutely agree glitches must be fixed. :slight_smile:

Darkmage4, I agree. I love this game, but I’ve lost WAY too many trophies in the last week due to this problem. And it doesn’t stop there. I don’t think it is a bug. I think it is intended to be this way to get a higher profit. It’s the name of the game for them. We have a choice to play or not. I’m thinking hard about just throwing in the towel. There shouldn’t be an unfair advantage like this. But nobody ever said life was fair, either. They would get more loyalty if they resolved these simple issues. It is very apparent they want it this way. It’s truely too bad. Think I will look for another game to fall in love with. They don’t seem to care if some of us leave, though! They have the quantiy of new players coming in on their side, that are wet behind the ears. It will be months of profit from each one of them before they realize. Why should we care about them. NEXT!!! Or maybe they will surprise us and stop asking us to send them proof because they think we are stupid and want to disract us from what we already know is true and change it because it’s the right thing to do. We will see wont we??? !!

The game is not out to get you.
The devs are not specifically trying to screw you.
Under normal gameplay, a single enemy does not attack multiple times.
If you really are seeing an enemy hero attack multiple times in a single turn, record it and send it into support as this would be a major bug.

(by the way, Leonidas has a visual representation of multiple slashes for his special ability, although it really is only hitting you once. This may be what you are seeing)

Another thing, an attacking win rate above 50% is definitely achievable. Believe it or not but the attacker has the advantage. So you should expect to win more attacks, but lose more defenses. Quit worrying about cups, easy come, easy go.

I made a quick video of what Leonidas’ special looks like. His animation may show multiple hits and slashes, but you’ll notice damage is only applied once. Working as intended.

Another example is Jack O’ Hare’s special (this is the same for Li Xiu), it slashes all targets multiple times. But only has a damage counter once per enemy.

If this is not the issue you are seeing in your game play, best to record your own video.

Me pasa exactamente lo mismo!!! No es justo!!! Es lamentable!!! Que pierdas así de esa manera!!! Y feo también que no se pueda conseguir ganar con oponentes tan bajos solo porque no te toca nada en el tablero

Yeah, I used his name for the sake of the post. Its other characters that attack. Yeah Leo slashes multiple times. However the attack resolves once. Like I said. I can’t record because my phone is older. Just typing on this forum is lagging. (Before anyone asks. The game runs fine, just slows at certain points not in battle and main area. Only in the world map.)

But Leo’s attack resolves with one hit to HP even though it slashes multiple times. This hits the HP multiple times brings 1000HP down to 0 with 2 hits.


This is where I am at now. :joy: I lost 19 times in a row. And won twice. And someone took revenge and I went down more. Lol. That person who took revenge is at 3183 power too. But I lose 19 times same day all within the same game launch with saved up raid energy.

I usually dont worry about cups. But it does get annoying when raiding and the game doesnt perform that way it does. I think it was this latest update… Because it was fine 1.12.1 and under. I want to get above gold to do the achievement. Considering almost all of them are done. Except a few that are easily acheivable because the 2x builder which is awesome.

I mean. I’m already level 21 of the map. Mobs seem to be fine attacking. Its Hero’s that seem to have a break in the code. If the devs bug check a little more. I mean I’m a QA tester for a small indie PC game Dev, and I pick out a lot of bugs that were missed. So I mean bug finding is what I do anyways.

Either give PROOF or all accusasions are INVALID!

A Twitch and youtubestreamer that can‘t handle to record 5 seconds of E&P game. I‘m still laughing :joy::joy::beers:

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Cool laugh all you want. I CANNOT RECORD MY PHONE. Dont beleive me? I don’t care. I was stating the fact about MY experiance. With a BUG in the game. Otherwise, if you dont have ANYTHING to contribute to this thread there is the back button. :wink:

But I mean if you want 1FPS and laugh some more about how such a pathetic phone this is. I can do that for you my dude. Yeah? :slight_smile: