Enemies randomly dying

I have had several enemies in raids just randomly “poof” away dead after firing, without me doing so much as hit them with a tile, let alone firing a special. Happens early in the game. Most recently, I took a yellow mono team vs Boss Wolf. Had a bad board - his special went off - then he poofed out of existence! The little squiggle of the mana reduction - his own special - floated above his head for an instant. Same thing happened recently vs Panther. I did nothing, but something just extinguished her! Again, I’d not hit her with a tile or fired any of my specials yet. Just snapped out of existence.

Need video of this so I can laugh out loud at it happening.



Just linking this related thread, it sounds similar:

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I would like to request the “tank disappears on a bad board” thing be made into a permanent feature!

All kidding aside, that’s a really weird bug.


Did it count towards your hero kill chest? And if it did can I get this too?

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Unfortunately the chest wasn’t being filled for the last one but will take note if it happens again.

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