Enemies in raids mana

They get it WAAAY to quick, and on top of that they hit 2-3 times per term

This needs to get nerfed

If you don’t have a high hitting hero and the other team has 2-3 healers it’s basicaly impossible

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I noticed the same thing. They generate way faster than I can. in two or three turns they are blasting away and I can barely generate a third of a bar.

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It’s far more balanced than before where the attacker simply obliterated raid defenses.

People were still complaining it was too hard back then too.

Without posting your team and the hero levels and your cup value it’s tough to give any bit of useful feedback; however, in my experience facing equivalent teams if I don’t have a color advantage (like 2x strong vs. the opposing tank) I need to average around 2 combos per turn to stay ahead mana wise.

Healers are great to attack… why? Cause they do no damage to you and you can just focus your attacks on a healer and with nobody else taking damage they’re stuck at counting turns to charge, whereas you can get many if not most of your specials up beforehand. Rigard tanking is basically free money for example.

While 3 healers can be annoying to face, it’s hard to die against it (assuming you bring one healer for your own sustain + 4 hitters)… all you have to really take care of is the slash damage, which unless they’re buffing it with wukong or something, is manageable.


In my experience (middle of the ladder, around 2000 cups, so it may be different higher up) teams without healers are actually mostly freebies. If one of my two healers gets to go it’s basically over since my team will win a battle of attrition with ease.

Now when enemy has a strong healer a bad board can make it so by the time my team manages to stack any offensive skill the enemy is all back up to full and also ready to shoot their specials. Then it gets dicey.

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No, Rigard is insanely hard, you keep trying to hit him, the whole other team keeps attacking you, and 1 combo fills up Rigards mana 25%, so after 4 combos, You’ve done 30% or less damage, he heals completely, enemy team has mana, and now they’re back at 100 health again while half of my team is dead

at 2000 cups you’re still prob seeing a lot of teams who don’t have a good mix of 70 and higher heroes. a few hundred cups more and you’ll start seeing Ares mushashi and stronger defense teams. They don’t need healers.

At lower levels also you as the attacker probably don’t have multiple strong attackers in each color.

in th above picture you should be bringing two strong yellows.

double edit - if that’s you as the attacker then you’re in a spot where you are still building your hero roster. I’d skip rigard tanks with that attacking crew too.

3 healer defenses are really easy to beat. Just use fast single target heroes. Kill the 2 damage dealers and you have won. Sure they can keep healing but they do very little damage spread out on everyone, so you can easily heal it up. You will easily out damage their heals, when you have 2 lanes to draw mana from.

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If I had every character in the game maxed then I’d do that but I have to work with what I got

Without knowing anything else besides your cups and heroes, level your heroes :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you are facing a level 60 or worse level 70 Rigard, you’re going to be in for a bad time as you don’t do enough tile damage (currently).

To be fair your team isn’t fantastic for killing healers (3 characters without useful specials to kill said healer) but the core issue is probably hero level differential.

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There’s plenty of Ares’ and Musashi’s around, but Ares is a healer :stuck_out_tongue:

Also that’s not me posting pictures here, that’s another fella.