Enemies going to 0 hit points and not dying. Including bosses

I have noticed lately that in a lot of battles my enemies do not seem to die. I have seen many at 0 hit points and still takes 1 or 2 hits to die. What is up with this? My hero’s get to 0 hit points they are dead. So why are the enemies still alive with 0 hit points. Please look into this issue. I have been regularly Checking the hit points left when it seems to takeforeverto kill one even with wukong charged up. Alothave been at 0. For exactly how long I do not know. This is an issue that needs looking into. Thank you for your time with this matter.

They probably have 1-30 healthpoints, and you can’t see this on their healthbar

If you touch and hold on an enemy, a box will come up with how many hp it has left and display whatever buffs are in play. Along with other information

Yes that is how I check to see how many hit points are left. Many I check are at 0 when I check. Why are they still fighting at 0 hit points? My heroscan not fight at 0 hit points. Is this a bug?

Show screenshots please when it happens so often they should be easy to capture.

Notice: when heroes have damage over time effects on them that triggers at the end of their turn the healthbar already shows 0 after you started your turn. Same you can test easily: check hero hp (example it has 30) send tiles toward the hero and instantly check hp again. It will have 0 before tiles even hit

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Question: is an enemy healer charged when you encounter this?
I thought I saw this way back in an earlier release: enemy heroes didn’t die when a healer was charged going off in the same turn. I still would consider it wrong, but at least it could be an explanation?
And before somebody asks, no I have no screenshot or other proof, it’s a memory that popped up when reading this post :thinking:

I have seen the same thing several times, especially with Alby. I have made my hits on him, he is down to 3-5hp and I then send tiles/shields on him and he still survive to revive and heal his team.
And I can’t screenshot it, I have tried but I loose the box when I hit the button for screenshots.

Yes it can not be screenshot. There is no way to do it. But it happens a lot. And it happens to a non healer when he or the boss is all that is left. 0 means death for us. So 0 hp should be death for enemies. I have had one kill a hero when the boss had 0 hp. Something is not right.

There is usually only one enemies left or the boss alone. Was not aware regular enemies had healers in regular battles. 0 hp is death for my hero’s. So 0 hp should be death for enemies as well.

No I can not screen shot it takes the box away . So it shows nothing.

I have also lived this problem. For me it happens mostly in raids tho. Shows defender dead gone from the screen but the battle continues with nobody there. Either I make a few more moves with tiles or fire my special if I have to an invisible enemy. I did not think to take a screen shot. I will if it happens again. So far I’ve had this happen 3 times.

Taking video should solve the problem

These have 0 hp after the tiles hit. Still creating damage with 0 hp

To really understand the case you need to post a video. Otherwise I can‘t help. It‘s all solely speculations:(

Then give us a way to screenshot. Because you can not get the box in the picture. More people than me have experienced this. In raids and regular fights. There is no way to screenshot the box with the info.

On iphone you have record feature built in. For android you need an app!

What’s the app called?

Sorry. Im an old guy.

I’m android and I have the record ability built in. Feels like a sly dig at androids there lol

Sure it’s not from the manufacturer?

I have several android devices; none of them have built-in recording ability. But then, there’s plenty of apps to choose from. Just search google play. Or even the web. (I’d tell you what I’m using, but I haven’t actually used any yet …)

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