Enegy not filled max (flask) [SOLVED: Player used 2 Loot Tickets]

Question : i have 5 worldenergy left from the 41 i normaly have… i did 1 loot ticket for a level wich cost 5 energy. So i had 0… i use a flask and now i have 31 instead of 41 world energy ???

That seems bizarre, I think you should contact Support about that and see if they can check their logs to understand what’s going on.

There is no “max” WE gained from a flask, afaik? I’d definitely open a ticket with support about that glitch. WE is much more valuable now with Atlantis Rising.

Sorry my mistake… i saw a activity log (new for me) and i have tapped 2 loot instead of 1…

Sorry… :frowning:

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