Endless Tower (Improved Tower Event)

Tower of eternal glory - Concept

The idea is an endless but permanently available tower for players to test themselves.
The tower being available permanent will help to lower the stressful element of a Ninja Tower / Magic Tower but keep the challenging. It’s main purpose is to reward big rosters and make more ( but slow) progression over time!
Unlike other events this tower does not reset on it’s own. But players may reset to try again for a higher level.

Gameplay - Basics

The tower will be available permanently (forever!).

Every hero can only be used three timed! No curses involved.

The tower progression will not reset on it’s own. But a player can reset the tower progression any time to start a new!

Gameplay - Fighting

The levels are alike other tower events. They start easy but get harder with every level. Bosses should be a wide variety of enemys. Past HotM/events and such included.

No items are allowed! We really don’t need another items sink.

Blessings can be earned but only normal ones (not the rare blessings from magic tower).


Every 5 levels reward a chest alike ninja tower. These chest do drop a varity of summon coins, aethers, emblems and other materials. The chests do not reset.
Normal levels do not offer any rewars at all.
Missions to reward avatars, backgrounds and pins as an reward for reaching certain stages are also part of the rewarding system.

There should also be a ranking show separate into top player/ top locally / Your alliance. The highest level ever reached is used for ranking.
This ranking is only for bragging rights. No rewards are distributed.


The endless levels with limited hero usage should reward long time players and allow a challenge ingame besides pvp. This is a real pve challenge.

As the event is permanent players may try it again after ascension a few heroes to reach further. Every player may do so whenever he or she has the time → so no stress!

With the limit of 3-usage for every hero ascend dupes or old heroes are even quit useful to save stronger heroes for later!

Profit for SG will be to motivate players to have more heroes and be more satisfied with every hero summoned.

I’ve always thought the regular tower should be endless. Just make each level get 10% harder. I’m curious how far people can push this game.


If the increment is 10% then the cap will be reached quite fast. If it’s 5% or 1% on the other hand… :smiley:

However I do wonder how people that complained about the length of the Magic Tower would react :popcorn:

I really doubt that SG would do this, it’s in their interest for people to use items and then having to buy some :slight_smile: And because you need battle items you also need crafting items, which means that you need to farm, which means you will buy more WE flasks


Agree with this. The best ideas are the ones that demonstrate a revenue gain for SG.


7 billion years ago I created this topic:

There’s some similarities between here and how I viewed my idea back then. Some details could be used here also.

At first I thought Ninja tower would be ‘it’ - but of course, it was waaay to easy, and only turned into a yet another challenge event but with 50 stages.

I’ll always cheer for deep and end game content. Though there will always be 70% of people complaining it’s too hard and they hate it.


Most people complain because they feel forced to play the levels before the time runs out. Without the pressure of time people can do the tower whenever they want to actually play (or delay it until forever).

Sadly yes. The endless tower wouldn’t make money directly. But I bet SG find a way to exploit it.

Would be amazing to have more content (not only new portals). Your Idea sounds like it would be a good addition to the game as well.

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Endless tower with reruns means people will buy flasks and use items to level up. Not a great source of wealth but can’t be hard to program a small increase in base stats for each level.

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