Endless Knights 29/30 - active, friendly & drama free alliance

Endless Knights has freed up 2 spaces and is looking for like-minded players to join our ranks. English speaking international group with levels 40s to 80s, FFA war with rotating tanks and flanks, 13-14* titans, discord and line recommended.

If you’re looking to step up your game, want to take a break from the intensity of top alliances, or just want to enjoy the game and life with your peers… check us out!

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One spot remains open… come join a solid, dedicated and active group!

One spot has opened up… English speaking international group levels 40s - 80+, FFA wars with rotating tanks and flanks. Looking for someone who is active and consistent.

1 spot open

One spot open at Endless Knights.
Come join the fun!
Will lower trophies for whoever is interested. You can message me here or on line at Lace2022

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2 spots open. Looking for active players. Drop me a comment or message if you’re interested in joining.

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