Endless circle?

Just your opinion on a question: do you think Small Giant will keep adding new heroes forever (or at least until this game will end) or at some point in time they will stop and just let people try to collect them all?

Don’t asking what is best or what you wish, but what do you think will likely happen.


New heroes all the way to the end.

Why change a winning model?



yes, new hero, with very small probability to get while spending gems. Once you understand, you stop to buy gems


The day SG stop creating new heroes, the day this game is over.

New heroes is the soul of a continuity games


They’ll keep adding new heroes, but I think those heroes will gradually become less appealing as time goes by. The artwork on the Ninja heroes looked flat, for instance. There will be a slow decline in the quality of the product, over time, as a money saving tactic, to increase profitability.


This game is not supposed to end…so there will be new heroes forever…just like now releasing 2 new heroes every month (Hotm + S3) is enough to keep up the cash cow flowing.

Releasing some additional heroes (revamped challenge & seasonal events + new events like costume chamber, Tol, NinjaTower) even increases this.

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They have to keep releasing new heroes. Not necessarily new seasonal or event heroes, but at bare minimum, a new HotM every month.

If they even skipped one month of that… majority of the player base would assume that was the beginning of the end for the game. Even if they posted a message ahead of time stating “next month, we will not have a hero of the month, but that does not mean that we are shutting down the servers! We are simply taking a 30 day hiatus to work on other projects to improve gameplay blah blah blah”

Automatic forum response would be: they are shutting down the servers. Get out while you still can.


Well season 4 will be the same 90% S1 heroes with a 10% of S4 new heroes

I left playing PokemonGo after playiing for over 2 years in favor of this game not by reason of the “gonna catch them all” slogan, but because of the constant walking and running around the town needed for a player to progress. As far as I know, E&P does not have that PokokenGo’s slogan. Only moneyed players and heavy spenders try to get all the available heroes they can . I know there are several players who have all the legendary ninja heroes but may be lacking several event or seasonal heroes, or HOTMs. I refuse to believe that a player has all the heroes, except if you are part of SGG staff trying the heroes in the live game. Otherwise, that would be insane.

As mentioned by posters above, new heroes keep this game going. I really think they will be introducing more
legendary heroes in the existing challenge and seasonal events as some only has 3 or 4 of them in it. They may also introduce a new monthly challenge event after the success of Wonderland. Besides, season 4 may have been already in the development.

Imagine if there were no new heroes, we are stuck with S1, S2 and S3 legendaries. No HOTMs. No challenge or seasonal heroes. This game could have already died years ago.

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New HOTM will continue forever. For event they will also add new heroes once a year to push people to summon. They way they deliver heroes on season 3 clearly shows goes in same direction. They want to make all their portals attractive month after month. Costume chambers, atlantis portal, ToL portal, all are available only for few days to push people to summon, hurry guys or you would have to wait one or two months to get another opportunity to catch your so wishes hero… As soon as season 4 will starts, my guess is we will have rise of atlantis alternance with rise of asgard like we have now alternance between ToL and Ninja tower.

But heroes will be less and less shining as we already have so many options. At beginning there was few healer in 5*, now we should have at least 2 in each color. There are now so many fast too. I’m done with summon. As SG does not provide any solution for duplicate 5* I prefer to keep my gems to increase my roster size.
And that’s not the 120 pulls made yesterday by a teammate to get azlar and isarnia or the 180 pulls from another one to get a second fenrir and norms that will push me spending money again in this game.

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Yes, and they will continue to get more powerful as well. Hero pulls are their cash cow, they’re not going to stop churning them out.

July 2023 HotM - “Qwerty”


Oooohhh nice! Gonna start saving my gems now, and then mortgage the house in 2022 :star_struck:


:joy: I particularly in liked the name of the special skill! :crazy_face:

“Kills Everything. Twice.”

:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

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I think heroes will continue to be added. Television shows and movie franchises are always adding new characters to keep it interesting, so too will it be with E & P.

The question I have is will some older heroes be killed off? As many times as I’ve pulled her, I seriously wouldn’t mind seeing Dawa offed in season 4!

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/is this hero male or female!?!?!

Step aside Chuck Norris. There’s a new superhero by 2023. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I am sorry, there was no thought put into hero gender. That would simply take up too much time.
It’s 2023 and quality is no longer a company pursuit - Even the hero name is just an arbitrary stroke of letters. There’s rumors of the August HotM “Asdfg”, but the design team is out on a celebratory luncheon and can’t confirm.

We’ve gone with existing artwork for the mouth, but even that is a stretch of the imagination at this stage.
The donut (or aptly, a “zero”), accurately depicts how many f’s were given. Thanks, and please send dollars.

Sincerely, SG.


I love the character design. So simple yet so powerful :muscle:

One minor flaw is just it mouth seems like triple x dolls