Endings of War Battles & Titan Attacks

Why is it that in a war battle after your last hero is killed on offense, the defense still gets to use healing special skills?

Yet when attacking a Titan and all 5 heroes special skills get charged with 3 seconds left, you click all 5 in time but the last couple will not fire off because the timer went out, yet the Titan will fire it’s hit after the timer goes off.

Also, the Titan attack board freezes more on the count of 1 than the count of 0.

IT has to do with the turn based nature of the game. the turn starts with your specials/moves and ends after enemy attacks. So if your heroes die, and they have a healer charged, their turn isn’t over. Similarly for the titan, using your specials would start a new turn

As above it feels only fair that you each get a turn every round, and it’s always been this way.

It’s very annoying when this happens in a war however (especially so if mother North is charged to revive!!) So it’s always worth checking whether it’s better to flee before the healer goes off :+1:

I begrudgingly accept you answers lol. I still feel like the Titan timer locks the board a second too soon. Thanks.

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Hah! :laughing: I feel the same. Yeah, those answers are correct. But it still sucks when it happens.

And titan timer - ohhh I am still somewhat convinced that thing is rigged. Normal board it’s like 12… 11… 10… 9… 8…

… then seemingly you get some great tiles on the board out of nowhere, and it’s like 7… 6. 5 4321done! Out of time! Sorry!

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