Ending the war automatically when all attacks have been used



Can it make sense that the war ends after both alliances have spent all their attacks? Left zero on both sides, immediately the result of the war.

Any reason a war shouldnt end once all flags are used by both sides?

Would be nice, to get another three tickets, if all tickets on one side were used.


for example, all the blows were made 2 hours ago, why wait for the end?


Sorry, I corrected. Of course an immediate ending would only happen, if all tickets were used. Otherwise time as usual.


If someone just stops playing and they arent opted out the war would never end


Just seems kind of pointless to remain war locked if the outcome is already set in stone.

Both sides have 0 flags remaining, why not just let it instantly end at that point?


Someone already has the same idea Ending the war automatically when all attacks have been used



@zephyr1 need ur powers here lol

I pulled a noob mistake


Lol hang on, teleportation in progress…


Alright, and we’ve arrived. :heart_decoration:


Does that actually happen? Both sides use all their flags?

I must be in one of those “casual” alliances you hear about. :wink:


We contribute as a team or get replaced individually

I don’t expect anything less than 100% flags used by our side regardless of how much we’re winning or losing


Our first war with a full flag usage on both sides…

But also not much time left :wink:


Lol would be cool.
We ended both our flags 8 hrs before the timer expire.