Endgame training camps?

Right, my bad… this is more accurate.

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Haha. Same here. 1 TC20 (queued for over 300 days), 2 TC11 (queued for over 300 and 175 days) and 1 TC2 (queued for over 62 days). Oddly enough, even if I know that TC20 is the worst food bank out there, but I guess it’s a force of habit since maxing it way back in 2018. Moreover, I felt that it saves me time on pulling 297k food and allocating 100 recruits to the other TCs. I just don’t see the point queuing TC11 by over 1,000 (or close to 3 years) when a few months is more than enough.


Eh. Kinda. I got about 5 s1 heroes I didn’t have, and 3 non-s1 heroes… one of which is a duplicate. Zeline is already maxed, and Ares will be. Atomos 2 will wait for a duplicate solution rather than feeding back into HA.

Yes, I had few duplicates. I have rather few 5s for the time I’ve been playing. RNG.

In the links @Gryphonknight shared. I thought elsewhere as well, but that must have been one of the other threads on this exact same subject.

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Everyone has different individual needs of course…

Currently I am running TC20, TC20, TC11 and the last one alternates between TC2 and TC19 depending on the resources I have available.

Personally running two TC20s because I still don’t have all the vanilla 5s (after 2 and a half years, sadly). My HA10 is almost done, looking forward to that to get rid of duplicates.


That won’t help with dupes sadly. If you’re anything like me, one will be enough, as you just keep recycling it in vain hope that something good might pop


Just this week I let my TC20 drain empty after non-stop running for 27 months. Elk is the only S1 I’m missing and I wouldn’t max him even if TC20 popped him out.

So now I’m running:

  • TC2 with 50+ days queued
  • TC11 with 350+ days queued
  • TC11
  • Flex TC between TC1 when recruits are plentiful, TC19 when I want to burn some Ham, and TC11 the rest of the time

I don’t really have need for a Ham bank right now as all the excess Ham I get goes to feeding Troops.


I was afraid of that. But I am still missing 8/20 of the vanilla 5*s so maybe, just maybe I can at least turn one of my dupe Richards into a Thorne or something? Or even a Horghall. Yes, I’m actually that desperate.


I can confirm that HA10 does indeed produce Horghalls… :slight_smile:


Of your “hero outs”… I could still use Horghall, Onatel, Khagan, Elena, Justice, and Magni.




2x TC11 and 2x TC2, gave up on TC20 ever since I switched to using alchemy lab as a food bank. No point wasting hams and a bunch of recruits just to get my 1000th Ulmer or Fat Tuck, but alkashards will always be useful.


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